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ZZ91 Founding: ZZ91 Recycling Network [abbreviated as ZZ91] is a trading platform for recyclable scrap merchants co-founded by overseas returning overseas teams and domestic local professional elites. The website adopts the dual-site operation mode of International English Station ( and Chinese Station (, and builds vertical sub-sites such as scrap metal net, waste plastic net, recycled plastic net and integrated waste net. The content of the website covers nine major waste industries, including scrap metal, waste plastics, waste rubber, waste paper, waste electronics and waste textiles. The platform provides an advanced and easy-to-use supply information publishing and purchase information search network platform, which spreads across the country and faces the whole world, and strongly covers the domestic waste industry gathering areas, ports, and parks. ZZ91 service matrix: the first "network + conference + publication" mode. To create a new model of all-round three-dimensional service combining online and offline services, and set up 16 liaison agencies in the distribution centers of major renewable resource industries across the country, deepen the line, tap the market, and build a system full-featured service brand. Solving the bottleneck of industry development and promoting industrial informationization upgrade is China's most advanced renewable resource network and offline service system. And use the ZZODP waste classification standard system and ZZPic1.0 picture management technology system to solve industrial problems, promote industrial informationization, actively promote the development of China's circular economy and low-carbon economy, and help transform China's economic development mode and economy. Structural adjustment. CHINA TRADE




ZZ91创办:ZZ91再生网【简称ZZ91】是由海外留学归国团队和国内本土专业精英人士共同创办的再生废料商贸易平台。网站采用国际英文站(和中文站(双站点运营模式,并搭建废金属网、废塑料网、再生塑料网、综合废料网等垂直细分网站。网站内容全面覆盖废金属,废塑料,废橡胶,废纸,废电子,废纺织等九大废料产业。平台提供先进而又简便适用的供应信息发布、求购信息搜寻网络平台,普及全国,面向整个世界,强势覆盖国内废料业集聚产地、港口、园区等。ZZ91服务矩阵:首创“网+会+刊”模式。打造线上线下服务相结合的全方位立体型服务新模式,并在全国各大再生资源产业集散地先行设立16个联络机构,深入线下,挖掘市场,打造系统的全功能型服务品牌。解决行业发展瓶颈,推进产业信息化升级,是我国最先进的再生资源网络及线下服务体系。并运用ZZODP废料分类标准系统和ZZPic1.0图片管理技术系统两大先进系统解决行业难题,推进产业信息化升级,积极推动我国循环经济和低碳经济的发展,助力我国经济发展方式的转变和经济结构的调整。CHINA TRADE