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Search Network ( is a subsidiary of Hangzhou Yunsou Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Cloud Search Network”), which is a company specializing in serving Chinese Internet e-commerce. Provide accurate marketing effect advertising platform for domestic small and medium-sized e-commerce companies. At present, there are more than 500 million product data for the 360 categories of tradable products on the online business.'s services are rich in content and flexible. For example, in setting up a company, we can arrange for the establishment of a Hong Kong company for our clients, and we can also arrange for the establishment of overseas companies (including overseas offshore companies) and other companies such as Chinese companies; and when we set up various companies, we can also arrange for customers. Various supporting services. Including accounting annual report, advertising planning, trademark design, trademark registration, data collection or data translation, Hong Kong listing arrangements, and lawyer notarization services; in the company management, can provide customers with company search, Hong Kong office facilities lease, assist in opening Various services such as bank accounts, company information changes, director appointment or dismissal, increase or decrease in registered capital, and agent transfer to the flying line. Integrity to customers, let each customer become our partner! CHINA TRADE




找商网(隶属于杭州云搜网络技术有限公司(以下简称“云搜网络”)创建并独立运营,是一家专注于服务中国互联网电商的公司,致力于为国内中小电商企业提供精准营销效果广告平台。目前,找商网线上可交易产品覆盖360行的各大品类,已有5个亿的产品数据。云搜网络的服务内容丰富,灵活多样。例如,在成立公司方面,可为客户安排成立香港公司,亦可为客户安排成立海外公司(包括海外离岸公司)和中国公司等其它公司;在成立各种公司的同时,还可为客户安排各种配套服务。包括会计年报、广告策划、商标设计、商标注册、数据收集或数据翻译、香港上市安排、和律师公证等服务;在公司管理方面,可为客户提供公司查册、香港办公设施租赁、协助开立银行账户、公司资料变更、董事委任或辞退、注册资本增减、代办电话转接飞线等各种服务。诚信于客户,让每个客户都成为我们的伙伴!CHINA TRADE