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China Plating Network"" is a well-known vertical portal for information portals in the electroplating industry. Since its operation, it has always adhered to the business philosophy of “creating value for customers” and will be electroplating industry technology. And information services are regarded as business priorities. Industry consultation, policy and regulation, industry exhibitions, market conditions, technological progress, and statistical information in information services can help Chinese electroplating companies fully grasp the dynamics of domestic and foreign companies and make decisions correctly. Business opportunities. Timely industry information, detailed and reliable product information, comprehensive and in-depth market research... Most of the electroplating industry companies in China are gathered here for information review, industry exchange, business cooperation, resource swapping, in a short time. Maximize the need for self-improvement. These fully reflect the efficiency and convenience of China's electroplating network, and with the accelerating pace of informationization, China Electroplating Network continues to innovate and develop more and better practical information. This platform of China Electroplating Network is passed out to allow barrier-free communication and charging between the electroplating industry. The benefits of sharing resources and the advantages of modern business models are fully utilized.CHINA TRADE




中国电镀网"”是国内着名的面向电镀行业的信息门户垂直网站,自运行以来,始终坚持“为客户创造价值”的经营理念,将电镀行业技术和信息服务视为业务重点,信息服务中的行业咨询,政策法规,业界展会,市场行情,技术进展,统计信息可以帮助中国电镀企业充分及时的掌握国内外企业动态,并正确地作出决策,把握商机。及时的行业资讯、详实可靠的产品信息、全面深入的市场调查……中国大多数的电镀行业企业都聚集在此,进行资讯查看、行业交流、商务合作、资源互换,在短时间内最大化的获取自身所需。这些都充分体现着中国电镀网的高效性和便捷性,并且伴随着日益加快的信息化步伐,中国电镀网不断的进行创新发展,更多更好的实用信息通过中国电镀网这个平台传递出去,让电镀行业间进行无障碍交流、充分的享受资源共享,现代化商务模式的优势被充分的利用起来。CHINA TRADE