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Zhongyi Bearing Network (abbreviation: was established in 2003 and is one of the websites of Hangzhou Golden Eagle Technology Co., Ltd. We focus on the service bearing industry, integrate the bearing industry resources, solve the supply and demand problems of bearing enterprises' raw materials, finished products, semi-finished products, machinery and equipment, accessories, etc., help enterprises reduce procurement costs, improve production efficiency, improve customer experience through professional operation, and fully optimize The enterprise e-commerce business model has provided a powerful boost for the upgrading and transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises. CHINA TRADE has done many years of technical research in bearing production, manufacturing, and industrial big data. It has accumulated a large number of SMEs' procurement and promotion trends, matching upstream and downstream, and has collected tens of millions of small and medium-sized enterprises. Enterprise data and supply and demand information for upstream and downstream industry chains. Focusing on the establishment of enterprise sales channel expansion and the establishment of supply and demand relationship within the industry, the bearing industry ecological platform with big data application will be gradually formed. CHINA TRADE

Let the company go to the network and let the network gather enterprises. We are convinced that: strong technology + sincere service + support from the majority of users = success, Hua axis network is willing to be more professional and more intimate service The development of the enterprise will do its part to make suggestions for the growth of the enterprise. We look forward to working with you to continuously develop and innovate and win more online trade miracles!CHINA TRADE




中崋轴承网(简称:华轴网)建立于2003年,是杭州金雕科技有限公司旗下的网站之一。我们专注于服务轴承行业,整合轴承行业资源,解决轴承企业原材料、成品、半成品、机械设备、配件等供需问题,帮助企业降低采购成本、提高生产效率,通过专业化运营,完善客户体验,全面优化企业电子商务业务模式,为中小微企业升级转型提供了强大助力。CHINA TRADE

华轴网在轴承生产、制造业、工业大数据方面做了多年的技术研究,积累了众多中小企业采购、推广趋势、上下游匹配撮合,收录了上千万家中小企业数据以及轴承上下游产业链供求信息。注重企业销售渠道拓展与产业内供需关系建立,将逐步形成以大数据应用的轴承行业生态平台。CHINA TRADE

让企业走向网络,让网络汇聚企业,我们深信:雄厚的技术+真诚的服务+广大用户的支持=成功,华轴网愿以更专业的水准,更贴心的服务为企业的发展尽一份力量,为企业的壮大出谋划策。我们期待与您携手不断开拓创新,赢造更多网上贸易奇迹!CHINA TRADE