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DESCRIPTION[ENGLISH] (, a professional sports mall. Founded in 2008, it has served more than 3 million sports enthusiasts. It can meet the equipment needs of sports enthusiasts in sports such as “running, cycling, camping, hiking, mountaineering, badminton, table tennis, tennis, basketball, football, swimming”, and will radiate equipment services to all sports in the future. Meet the needs of sports. Since its inception, the platform has focused on "professional and genuine professional services" for the purpose of serving users, and has formed a good brand reputation in the industry. Since 2015, Youyou has successively deployed nearly 20 offline service stores nationwide and established strategic cooperation with nearly 3,000 sports clubs. Through the integration of the community, it aims to provide better and more professional sports for the majority of sports fans nationwide. Equipment service. Yoger people continue to shorten the channel link, allowing low-priced, high-quality goods to reach the consumer terminal. Received direct authorization from dozens of Chinese and foreign brands including Li Ning, Double Happiness, Butterfly Butterfly, Victor, Stiga, Mizuno Mizuno. At present, in the running, cycling, camping, hiking, mountaineering, badminton, table tennis, tennis, basketball, football, swimming and other sports, they occupy the market leading position, " want to exercise, on the excellent network " ;, has become the consensus of many sports enthusiasts. In 2016, Yoger launched a community-based sports service app – excellent sports, in addition to a selection of high-quality sports equipment, but also for consumers to bring online communication, offline activities and other sports services! In the past few years, based on the most simple "custom service" and "heart-to-heart" service concept, Yoger people almost instinctively provide users with professional and personalized services. If the user can feel valuable, pleasant, friendly, sincere and caring service in Yoyo, Yoger is happy. Frankly speaking, just as children are eager to be praised, Yoger people enjoy the recognition and praise of users, and they spare no effort and are proud of it. At Yoyo, Yoger's team walks together based on similar values, working closely together and simply getting along. In terms of the new talents of the talents, the Yoger people adhere to the principle of “value first”, and the values of the whole team are converging, so that the Yoger people can feel love, friends, happiness and great sense of accomplishment in addition to their work. The origin of Yougewang and "YOGER": YOGER is a self-created word from an English "YouOwntheGeneEarningReputation", which reveals a strong and enterprising spirit, which is a very good interpretation of the promotion of The spirit of sports: a spirit of not giving up, not giving up, constantly making progress, a life attitude that rejects mediocrity, loves life, and is full of vitality. So at the beginning of the business, the founder Liu Huanjie extracted the English initials of this sentence and created the word "YOGER", which is easy to pronounce, concise and clear. Transliteration into Chinese is "excellent", and I hope everyone can gain strength from the sports they love, with "excellent life, personal life" CHINA TRADE




优个网(,专业的运动商城。成立于2008年,已累计服务了超过300万运动爱好者。能满足运动爱好者在“跑步、骑行、露营、徒步、登山、羽毛球、乒乓球、网球、篮球、足球、游泳”等运动项目的装备需求,未来会将装备服务辐射到所有的运动项目,满足运动所需。平台从成立之初就专注以“专业正品专业服务”为宗旨服务用户,在业界已形成良好的品牌口碑。自2015年开始优个网陆续在全国布局近20家线下服务店、与近3000多家运动俱乐部建立战略合作,通过整合社群旨在为全国广大的运动爱好者提供更优质更专业的运动装备服务。Yoger人不断缩短渠道环节,让低价格、高品质的商品直达消费终端。获得了包括李宁、红双喜、Butterfly蝴蝶、Victor、Stiga、美津浓Mizuno等数十个中外品牌的直接授权。目前在跑步、骑行、露营、徒步、登山、羽毛球、乒乓球、网球、篮球、足球、游泳等多个运动项目中,都占据了市场领先位置,"想运动,就上优个网",已经成为众多运动爱好者的共识。2016年,Yoger人推出社群化运动服务APP——优个运动,除了精选的高质量运动装备之外,还为消费者带去线上沟通交流、线下活动参与等多种运动服务!过去的数年中,基于最朴素的"本色服务、将心比心"的服务理念,Yoger人近乎本能的为用户提供专业化、个性化的服务。如果用户能在优个网感受到有价值的、令人愉悦的、友善的、真诚的、贴心的服务,Yoger人乐在其中。坦率的说,就像孩子渴望得到赞美一样,Yoger人很享受用户的认可和赞美,并为此不遗余力,也因此而自豪。在优个网,Yoger人的团队基于相似价值观走在一起,紧密合作、简单相处。在人才的吐故纳新方面,Yoger人坚持"价值观第一"的原则,整个团队的价值观趋同,使Yoger人在工作之外,还可以感到爱、朋友、快乐和了不起的成就感。优个网和“YOGER”的由来:YOGER是一个自造词,来自一句英语"YouOwntheGeneEarningReputation(你拥有赢得声望的基因),透露着强烈的进取精神,非常好的诠释了优个网所提倡的运动精神:一种不言败、不放弃、不断进取的精神,一种拒绝平庸、热爱生活、充满活力的生活态度。所以在创业伊始,创始人刘焕杰先生就把这句话的英文首字母摘出来,创造了"YOGER"这个词,容易发音,简洁明快。音译为中文就是"优个",优个网希望所有人都能从自己热爱的运动中获得力量,拥有"优秀人生,个性生活"!CHINA TRADE