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Instrumentation Business Network (——Professional instrumentation industry portal business website, pay attention to the market dynamics of China's instrumentation industry, promote famous brands of instrumentation enterprises, open up markets and promote the development of China's instrumentation industry To enable members and users to quickly find their buyers, suppliers, distributors and partners to trade and cooperate, and to form a resource sharing, mutually beneficial instrumentation business community; by providing "one stop "Comprehensive service makes it easier for buyers and sellers to find each other, the process of closing the transaction is shortened, the efficiency of the transaction is improved, and the cost of the transaction is reduced. The instrumentation business network implements the corporate membership system. Any enterprise in the industry can register as a member free of charge and establish a multi-functional and exquisite corporate website for free. We will provide multi-level services to our member units with our own information and channel advantages. Really guide the instrumentation industry to the era of e-commerce, the track of information industrialization. A one-stop service for consumers, so that consumers are truly assured and comfortable. Instrumentation Business Network As a professional instrumentation industry trade platform, we combine buyers and sellers in an interactive trading environment, providing members and users with an open platform to publish, exchange and match business information and opportunities. Instrumentation Business Network adheres to the service concept of “Customer's problem is the subject of our service”. It is guided by customer needs and aims to help customers realize their ideas and help our customers to enhance their productivity and competitiveness. To create a better future. [Business philosophy] Convergence creates strength, integrity creates brand [service tenet] Customer respect, sustainable innovation [team concept] credible, sincere, first-classCHINA TRADE




仪器仪表商务网(——专业的仪器仪表行业门户商务网站,关注中国仪器仪表行业市场动态,推广仪器仪表企业知名品牌,开拓市场,促进中国仪器仪表产业的发展,让广大会员与用户在这里快捷地找到他们的买家、供应商、分销商及合作伙伴进行交易和合作,同时形成一个一个资源共享,互惠互利的仪器仪表商业社群;通过提供“一站式”全面性的服务,使买卖双方更容易找到对方,达成交易的过程得以缩短,交易的效率提高,交易的成本下降。仪器仪表商务网实行企业会员制,凡业内企业,均可免费注册成为会员单位,免费建立多功能精美企业网站。我们将以自身的信息和渠道优势,为会员单位提供多层次的服务。真正引导仪器仪表行业走向电子商务时代,信息产业化轨道。针对消费者实行一条龙服务,让消费者真正放心,舒心。仪器仪表商务网作为一个专业的仪器仪表行业商贸平台,我们把买卖双方撮合在一个互动不息的贸易环境之中,为会员和用户提供一个开放的平台去发布、交换及配对商贸信息和机会。仪器仪表商务网秉承“客户的难题就是我们服务的课题”的服务理念,以客户需求为导向,针对仪器仪表行业特性,帮助客户实现自己的想法,协助我们的客户提升更强的生产力与竞争力,创造更美好的未来。[经营理念]融合创造力量,诚信铸就品牌[服务宗旨]客户为尊,永续创新[团队理念]可信、真诚、一流CHINA TRADE