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Shenyang Yinglian Plastic Cable Co., Ltd. is a wire and cable enterprise integrating science, industry and trade. The company was established on September 4, 2013 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. The registered address is Weinan, Shenyang, Liaoning Province. New district. Since its establishment five years ago, the company has been adhering to the concept of "enterprise development, technology first", and carefully builds scientific research teams to lay a solid foundation for the overall revitalization of enterprises. The company has advanced R&D and testing equipment. On this basis, the company has continuously increased its R&D investment and continuously improved the original production line, so that the production process and process have been at the leading level. Our company has passed the national CCC compulsory certification and has applied for 12 utility model patents, 1 invention patent and 2 software copyrights. Product performance is at the leading level in China. The sales network is spread all over the country. We have long-term cooperation with many large domestic enterprises and have been unanimously recognized by customers. Annual average sales growth rate exceeds 30%CHINA TRADE




沈阳英联塑力线缆有限公司是集科、工、贸于一体的电线电缆企业,公司成立于2013年9月4日,注册资本500万元,注册地址辽宁省沈阳市浑南新区。公司成立5年来,一直秉承“企业发展,科技先行”的理念,精心打造科研团队,为企业全面振兴打好基础。公司拥有先进的研发检测设备,在此基础上公司不断加大研发投入力度,不断改进原有生产线,使生产工艺和流程一直处于领先水平。我公司通过了国家CCC强制认证并先后申请实用新型专利12项,发明专利1项,软件著作权2项。产品性能处于国内领先水平。销售网络遍布全国,我们与国内多家大型企业均有长期合作,并得到客户一致认可。年均销售额增长率超过30%CHINA TRADE