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Instrument Trading Network ( is a large-scale instrumentation B2B industry website, mainly for chemical, pharmaceutical, food, biological, petroleum, agricultural, hospital, college, quality inspection, disease control and other fields. Professional users create a global network marketing service platform, and are committed to building a bridge of information interaction for instruments and related enterprises at home and abroad to realize business opportunities for customers! Instrument Trading Network has accumulated excellent service experience and huge customer resources. It has 500,000 registered members and more than 20,000 corporate members, covering more than 30 provinces and cities and 28 countries and regions throughout the country. PV) exceeds 1 million. Relying on the rich information service experience of Hangzhou Dingsou Technology Co., Ltd. and the strong strength of the Internet field, it has become an influential professional B2B website in the instrumentation industry. Instrument Trading Network provides a wide range of services for industry users in a unique mode to meet the needs of users for comprehensive marketing and promotion. Convenient and fast online trading platforms, professional instrument magazines, industry exhibitions, etc. Breadth and depth. This station maintains close cooperation with domestic and foreign media and establishes a huge information service system. It is the most influential authoritative online media in the field of instruments. At the same time, Dingsou Technology plans and designs the image, content and functions of the website according to the specific conditions and advantages of the company and its products. It solves the problems of funds and technology encountered in the process of Internet access. Helping many companies to quickly and easily establish their own online portals with the least amount of time, effort and money, and get a good return, and achieved good economic and social benefits. Dingsou Technology has mature website planning and production experience, and has professional website construction talents to provide users with high-quality website construction services and comprehensive network promotion programs. To build a successful website here, we will work with you to create a modern corporate image and open up a crowded online hypermarket, so that your corporate website can expand market space and improve operating efficiency and win on the basis of lower operating costs. Take the maximum profit. CHINA TRADE




仪器交易网(,是一家大型的仪器仪表B2B行业网站,主要面向化工、制药、食品、生物、石油、农业、医院、学院、质检、疾控等领域的专业用户创建全球网络营销服务平台,致力于为国内外仪器仪表及相关企业搭建信息互动的桥梁,为客户实现商机!仪器交易网积累了卓越的服务经验和数据庞大的客户资源,已拥有个人注册会员50万名,企业会员20000余家,遍布全国30多个省市和28个国家地区,日均页面访问量(PV)超过100万。依托杭州鼎搜科技有限公司丰富的信息服务经验和互联网领域的雄厚实力,已成为仪器仪表行业具有影响力的专业B2B网站。仪器交易网以独特的模式为行业用户提供丰富的服务,满足用户全面的营销推广的需求,便捷快速的网络交易平台、专业仪器杂志、行业展会等线上线下多渠道结合,最大限度地扩大服务的广度和深度。本站与国内外媒体保持密切合作,建立庞大的信息服务体系,是仪器领域最具影响力的权威网络媒体。同时鼎搜科技根据企业具体情况及其产品等特征、优势,营销与技术层面对网站的形象、内容、功能等进行规划设计,解决了企业上网过程中遇到的资金、技术等方面的问题,帮助许多企业花费最少的时间、精力和金钱就能轻松快捷地建立企业自己的网上门户,并得到了丰厚的回报,取得了良好的经济效益和社会效益。鼎搜科技拥有成熟的网站策划和制作经验,拥有专业的网站建设人才,为用户提供高品质的建站服务和全方位的网络推广方案。到这里建设成功的网站,我们将与您一起打造现代化的企业形象,开拓聚集人气的网上大卖场,使您的企业网站在降低运营成本的基础上成倍地拓展市场空间,提高经营效率,赢取最大利润。CHINA TRADE