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Wanguan Hardware Machine Grid ( specializes in network promotion and e-commerce of hardware and electromechanical industry, providing a complete set of network marketing solutions for hardware and electromechanical businesses to help customers develop online more easily and more worry-freely. market. CHINA TRADE

Network promotion service is one of the main businesses of Wanguan Hardware Grid. The universal (Silver), Enhanced (Gold), All-round (Diamond), Online (Diamond) and Custom (Extreme) network promotion services are available at the Maxthon E-Commerce platform. Diagnostics, customers can choose a better service plan based on the actual diagnosis, and the Wanguan network platform will serve the buyers, suppliers and third-party participants in all aspects. CHINA TRADE

Network sales service promotes online transactions through the construction and operation of Wanguan Hardware & Electrical Online Mall, Wanguan Tmall Store and Taobao Market Store (C Store), helping market players to occupy the hardware and electronics industry machine. The business is divided into:CHINA TRADE

Semi-hosted services include: in-place platform, technical services, product editing, knowledge lectures, bidding promotion, freight assistance, and payment settlement. CHINA TRADE

Hosted services include: platform, brand planning, product design, marketing, full-time customer service, freight assistance, bidding promotion, payment settlement, value-added services. CHINA TRADE




万贯五金机电网(专业致力于五金机电行业的网络推广及电子商务,为广大五金机电商家提供整套网络营销解决方案,帮助客户更轻松、更省心的开拓网上市场。CHINA TRADE

网络推广服务是万贯五金机电网的主营业务之一。万贯电商平台推出的基础型(银牌级)、加强型(金牌级)、全能型(钻石级)、网销型(钻石级)以及定制型(至尊级)各级别网络推广服务,并提供免费诊断,客户可根据实际诊断情况选择较优服务方案,万贯网络平台将全方位做好采购商、供应商以及第三方参与者的服务。CHINA TRADE

网络销售服务通过万贯五金机电网上商城、万贯天猫店及淘宝集市店(C店)的建设和运营,促进线上交易,帮助市场商家占据五金机电行业网销先机。业务分为:CHINA TRADE

半托管型服务包括:入驻平台、技术服务、产品编辑、知识讲座、竞价推广、货运协助、货款结算。CHINA TRADE

托管型服务包括:入驻平台、品牌策划、产品设计、推广营销、专职客服、货运协助、竞价推广、货款结算、增值服务。CHINA TRADE