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Weinabo is committed to the design of complete packaging solutions. It is an integrated service provider integrating design, packaging, production and logistics. It is also in the telecommunications, energy, automotive, medical, aerospace, chemical and food industries. A leading supplier of complete packaging solutions that can reduce the overall cost of packaging for customers by 10%-20%. CHINA TRADE

Since its inception in 1997, Unabal has developed into a leading company in the heavy-duty packaging industry and is a strategic partner of several Fortune 500 companies, occupying an important position in the packaging market. At present, Wuhan, Hubei and Hunan Changsha have established factories in the mainland, and set up offices in many places across the country, and will gradually establish factories. CHINA TRADE

We will take advantage of the design to provide you with the most suitable product packaging solution. CHINA TRADE

Unoffer's Outer Office:CHINA TRADE

Guangzhou Nanning Heavy-duty Packaging Guizhou Guiyang Heavy-Duty Packaging Hunan Changsha Heavy-Duty PackagingCHINA TRADE

Hubei Wuhan Heavy-Duty Packaging Jiangxi Nanchang Heavy-Duty Packaging Fujian Fuzhou Heavy Duty PackagingCHINA TRADE

Sichuan Chengdu Heavy Duty Packaging Henan Zhengzhou Heavy Duty Packaging Anhui Hefei Heavy Duty PackagingCHINA TRADE

Inquiry Hotline: 400-022-7899CHINA TRADE

Heavy Carton Products for High End For industrial products and large-sized products, the stacking weight is less than 2 tons, or 1 is to pursue high resistance to high compressive strength, or 2 to pursue fast packaging operations, or 3 to pursue lower packaging costs than wooden boxes, or 4 Do not wish to have a fumigation quarantine inspection, or 5 goods destinations have mandatory environmental requirements. CHINA TRADE

Ton box products are suitable for non-hazardous chemical liquid industry, food, industrial oils and so on. Advantages: 1 cost reduction and efficiency, 2 efficient and convenient, 3 sturdy and durable, 4 green and environmental protection, 5 saves you more than 80% of the space. CHINA TRADE

Business ModelCHINA TRADE

Providing Substitute Heavy Duty Carton Technology and Product ServicesCHINA TRADE

Providing Complete Packaging Solutions and Product Services (CPS Optimization Design Service)CHINA TRADE


Operation scale: The number of employees is 100-200, and the operating space is 20,000 m2. The market covers the Pan-Pearl River Delta region. CHINA TRADE

R&D Design and Testing: Unaber Heavy-Duty Packaging Self-built Uber Packaging Technology Institute, focusing on the complete packaging solution for artificial intelligence R&D. The R&D design practitioners are composed of senior professors of packaging college, doctor of mechanical engineering, national logistician, packaging engineer, etc. They have a 5-ton crushing laboratory, and all routine strength tests of materials and finished products can be completed in the institute. CHINA TRADE

Patent Acquisition: Unabal Heavyweight Packaging continues to declare and acquire national patents for a number of packaging structures or processes each year. These patent structures are being widely used in the cutting-edge heavy-duty packaging sector in South China. CHINA TRADE




优纳伯致力于完整包装方案设计,是一家集方案设计、包装生产和物流运输于一体的集成服务供应商,同时也是电信、能源、汽车、医疗、航空、化工和食品行业等领域完整包装解决方案的领先供应商,可为客户降解包装综合成本10%-20%以上。CHINA TRADE

自1997年成立以来,优纳伯已发展为重型包装行业的引领企业,是多家世界500强企业的战略合作伙伴,在包装市场上占据重要地位。目前,在内地湖北武汉和湖南长沙落地建厂,在全国多地设立办事处,并将逐步建立工厂。CHINA TRADE

我们将充分利用设计方面的优势,为您提供最合适的产品包装解决方案。CHINA TRADE

优纳伯省外办事处:CHINA TRADE

广西南宁重型包装贵州贵阳重型包装湖南长沙重型包装CHINA TRADE

湖北武汉重型包装江西南昌重型包装福建福州重型包装CHINA TRADE

四川成都重型包装河南郑州重型包装安徽合肥重型包装CHINA TRADE

咨询热线:400-022-7899CHINA TRADE

重型纸箱产品适用于高端产业产品及大件产品所用的,堆码承重在2吨以下的,或①追求高耐破高抗压强度、或②追求快速包装作业、或③追求比木箱更低的包装成本、或④不希望熏蒸检疫报验、或⑤货品目的地有强制环保要求。CHINA TRADE

吨箱产品适用于非危化工液体行业,食品类,工业油脂类等。优势:①降本增效、②高效便捷、③坚固耐用、④绿色环保、⑤为您节约80%以上的空间。CHINA TRADE


提供代木重型纸箱技术与产品服务CHINA TRADE

提供完整包装解决方案与产品服务(CPS法优化设计服务)CHINA TRADE

经营规模:从业人数100-200人,经营场地2万m2,市场覆盖泛珠三角地区。CHINA TRADE

研发设计与测试:优纳伯重型包装自建优纳伯包装技术研究所,专注于完整包装解决方案人工智能研发工程。研发设计从业人由包装学院资深教授、力学工程博士、国家物流师、包装工程师等组成,拥有5吨级溃压实验室,材料及成品各项常规强度测试,均可在研究所完成。CHINA TRADE

专利获取:优纳伯重型包装每年持续申报并获取多项包装结构类或工艺类的国家专利,这些专利结构正被逐渐广泛运用于南中国区的尖端重型包装领域。CHINA TRADE