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U88 franchise network (abbreviation: U88) is affiliated to Shandong Jinshang Network Technology Co., Ltd. The registered capital of the company is 5.06 million yuan, which is located in Jinan, Quancheng. The company has a professional high-quality operation team, of which more than 80% of the company's employees are undergraduate or above. The middle-level management personnel are from large-scale professional franchise Internet companies. They have more than ten years of relevant industry experience and provide customers with one. Station-style full-hosting promotion solution. Shandong Jinshang Network Technology Co., Ltd. provides a full range of three-dimensional franchise project promotion services for its customers in a professional and dedicated manner. It also provides the most suitable projects for entrepreneurs to create their own wealth. We accurately collect tens of thousands of entrepreneurial information and conduct fine classification on this basis to help small and medium-sized entrepreneurs find entrepreneurial projects, gain entrepreneurial experience, and promote entrepreneurial exchange to a certain extent. Founded in 2003, U88 is the first Internet investment service platform in China. Based on the traditional investment model's docking drawbacks, U88 pioneered the online exhibition platform, which displayed the offline exhibition in a more vivid and vivid way, allowing each project party to display high-quality projects on the platform, so that every investor can quickly Accurately search for the project that suits you, and U88 continues to lead the field of investment and joining the field for decades. U88 is committed to maximizing the value of communication for franchise projects, and has a wide range of extension platforms and rich content resources in the television field, the Internet field, and the mobile Internet field. U88----National Entrepreneurship Investment Platform. CHINA TRADE




U88连锁加盟网(简称:U88)隶属于山东锦尚网络科技有限公司。公司注册资本506万元,坐落于泉城济南。公司拥有一支专业素质超高的运营团队,其中本科以上学历员工占公司人数的80%以上,中层管理人员均来自大型专业连锁加盟互联网公司,拥有十余年相关行业从业经验,为客户提供一站式全托管推广解决方案。山东锦尚网络科技有限公司以专业、专注的态度为广大客户提供全方位、立体化的加盟项目推广服务,同时也为广大创业者提供最适合自身创富的项目。我们精确搜集数万条创业信息,并在此基础上进行精细分类,以此帮助中小创业者找到创业项目、收获创业心得,并且在一定程度上促进创业交流。U88成立于2003年,是国内第一家互联网招商加盟服务平台。基于传统招商模式的对接弊端,U88首创线上联展平台,将线下展会以更形象生动的方式展现在网络,让每一个项目方在平台尽情展示优质项目,让每一位投资者都能快速、准确的搜索到适合自己的项目,成就U88持续领航招商加盟领域数十年之久。U88致力于为加盟项目实现传播价值最大化,在电视领域、互联网领域、移动互联网领域拥有广泛的延展平台和丰富的内容资源。U88----全民创业招商平台。CHINA TRADE