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In the past, "Chenghai" knew that Chenghai was a national toy production base. Now mentioning "toy" is not a Chenghai. Chenghai, which is known as “China Toys and Gifts City”, has tens of thousands of toy manufacturers of various types, and has produced famous brands such as “Audi”, “Converse”, “Xiaobailong” and “Huanqi”. In this fertile soil rich in toys, since 2005, it has spawned a growing e-commerce platform in the toy industry - "Toy Baba". From the day of its birth, “Toy Baba” has been committed to “Building a professional toy trade B2B platform”. After all the toy Baba people’s nine spring and autumn efforts, “Toy Baba” has developed into a small 429 small toy industry. Classification, more than 35,000 manufacturers, hundreds of thousands of direct manufacturers of toy integrated platform, for the majority of buyers to provide direct access to manufacturers one-stop procurement platform, is the majority of manufacturers to promote the brand, release product information, and make business partners The ideal window. Through the strong promotion of more than 100,000 keywords on the Internet, the daily hit rate of toy Baba is more than 100,000 times, which is in the forefront of the toy industry. Toy Baba has become a "toy" keyword recommendation site for baidu, google, soso, sogou, yahoo and other search engines. Over the years, Toy Baba has participated in more than 30 domestic and international toy exhibitions. The toy Baba professional promotion team has traveled all over the country and established long-term cooperative relationships with thousands of professional buyers in dozens of toy wholesale markets across the country. After years of hard work, the achievements of Toy Baba have been well received by people of insight in the community. "Toy Baba is a gold mine. Everyone who knows toys will look bright. It is a 100-fold choice for a toy Baba member." It has become the consensus of many toy industry people. Looking forward to the future, Toy Baba will continue to maintain high entrepreneurial enthusiasm, innovative ideas, professional service attitude, promote the momentum for the majority of manufacturers, and match the majority of buyers. In the days to come, Toy Baba will do its part to promote the Chinese toy industry with down-to-earth actions. CHINA TRADE




过去一提“澄海”就知道澄海是全国玩具生产基地。现在一提“玩具”就非澄海莫属。素有“中国玩具礼品城”的澄海拥有各类型玩具生产厂家上万家,诞生了“奥迪”、“骅威”、“小白龙”、“环奇”等名誉海内外的品牌。在这片盛产玩具的沃土上,从2005年起,就孕育了玩具界中一个日渐壮大的电子商务平台——“玩具巴巴”。“玩具巴巴”从诞生之日起,即以“打造专业的玩具贸易B2B平台”为己任,经过全体玩具巴巴人9个春秋的默默耕耘,“玩具巴巴”现已发展成为涵盖玩具行业429个小分类、35000多家生产厂家、几十万只直接厂家产品的玩具综合平台,为广大采购商提供直接面对厂家进行一站式采购的平台,是广大厂家宣传品牌、发布产品信息,结交商业伙伴的理想窗口。经过网络的十多万关键词的强势推广,每天玩具巴巴的点击率达十万次以上,位于玩具行业前茅。玩具巴巴www.toybaba.com已成为baidu,google,soso,sogou,yahoo等搜索引擎的“玩具”关键词推荐网站。多年来,玩具巴巴参加国内外玩具展会三十多次,玩具巴巴专业推广团队足迹遍及大江南北,与全国几十个玩具批发市场的几千专业买家建立长期的合作关系。经过多年的努力,玩具巴巴取得的成绩得到社会有识之士的好评。“玩具巴巴是一座金矿,每个懂玩具的人看了眼睛都会发亮。做玩具巴巴会员,是超值100倍的选择。”已成为很多玩具界人士的共识。展望未来,玩具巴巴将一如既往地保持着高昂的创业热情,创新的思想理念,专业的服务态度,为广大厂家推广造势,为广大采购商牵线搭桥。在未来的日子里,玩具巴巴将以脚踏实地的行动,为繁荣中国玩具行业尽一份绵薄之力。CHINA TRADE