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DESCRIPTION[ENGLISH] China Textile Network was established on 2015.10.1. This day is just the National Day. It is a day for the people to celebrate the joy and joy. For the employees engaged in the IT industry, establish a website of their own, from the beginning to the growth. It is a dream of the webmaster! After years of seeking and hard work, I finally got the first step. This first step really waited too long.         Regarding the domain name of TEXCN China Textile Network, was purchased by the website through the name of China. It took a lot of effort and money. The value of its domain name is in 5 digits, although not many, but for entrepreneurs. But it is not a small amount of money.         TEX is Textile (textile abbreviation: dictionary result: texture[英][ˈtekstaɪl][美][ˈtɛksˌtaɪl, -təl]n.Textiles, fabrics; textile industry; plural: textiles); CN stands for China, CN is China CHINA Abbreviation, CN is also the Chinese national top-level domain. So after our combination TEX+CN, China Textile Network was born.         We want to promote our textile industry through a simple and simple domain name, not only domestic, but more importantly, foreign markets. The English version of TEXCN China Textile Network is under intense development and production, hoping to be able to communicate with everyone in the early days. Meet and let the world know that China has a TEXCN textile network.         2019.5.17 China Textile Network continued to be updated, providing better service to customers. CHINA TRADE


Texcn.com中国纺织网成立于2015.10.1日,这一天刚好是国庆节,是人民庆祝胜利欢喜的日子,对于从事IT行业的从业人员来说,建立一个属于自己的网站,从开始到成长,是站长的一个梦想!经过多年的寻求、努力,终于走出了第一步。这第一步真的等的时间太久了。 关于TEXCN中国纺织网域名,Texcn.com是由本站在通过易名中国域名收购而来,花了不少心血和资金,本身域名价值在5位数,虽然不是很多,但对于创业者来说,却是一笔不小的资金。 TEX是Textile(纺织品简称:词典结果:textile[英][ˈtekstaɪl][美][ˈtɛksˌtaɪl, -təl]n.纺织品,织物; 纺织业; 复数:textiles);CN代表的是中国,CN是中国CHINA的缩写,CN还是中国国家顶级域名。所以经过我们的组合TEX+CN,Texcn.com中国纺织网诞生了。 我们想通过一个简洁,简单的域名,把我们的纺织行业推广出去,不光是国内,更重要的是国外市场,TEXCN中国纺织网的英文版正在紧张的开发制作中,希望能够早时间的和大家见面,让全世界都了解都知道中国有个TEXCN纺织网。 2019.5.17中国纺织网持续上线更新,为广大用户提供更加优质的服务。 中国贸易网