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Beijing Soubao Network Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Zhongguancun, Beijing. It specializes in the development and operation of e-commerce platforms. It has successfully developed and operated the BtoB e-commerce platform---- Instrumentation Trading Network in the instrumentation industry. The pursuit of the search treasure is not a flash of instant glory, but the enduring vitality under the sweat and the core competitiveness of the growing enterprise. To this end, we will uphold the business philosophy of integrity, professionalism, pioneering and innovation. Based on our technological advantages in the IT field, we will provide you with enthusiasm, in place and professional services, and show you an online transaction that fosters unlimited business opportunities. world. Website introduction: Instrumentation Trading Network ( is a new e-commerce platform designed by Beijing Sobao Network Technology Co., Ltd. according to the actual situation of China's instrument and meter market. In layman's terms, you can think of it as a nationwide online market for instrumentation. It is a collection of manufacturers, distributors and purchasing units in many instrumentation industries across the country. Everyone here negotiates business and conducts online transactions, which together promote the prosperity of this market. To meet the different needs of users, this market is divided into four large areas: supply and demand information, instrument sharing, rental market and second-hand market. At the same time, it has opened a special area such as industry information to further provide meticulous and thoughtful value-added services for various businesses. The instrumentation trading network is a large-scale market, and it is a growing market. Every day, new businesses are joined, and more updated supply and demand information is released. The Internet has made it possible to create such a large national market, and we have turned this possibility into reality. CHINA TRADE




北京搜宝网络技术有限公司位于北京市中关村,专业从事电子商务平台的开发和运营,现已在仪器仪表行业成功开发和运营了BtoB电子商务平台----仪器仪表交易网。搜宝人的追求,不是瞬间辉煌的昙花一现,而是汗水浇灌下的持久生命力和不断成长的企业核心竞争力。为此,我们将秉承诚信、专业、开拓、创新的经营理念,以我们在IT领域的技术优势为依托,为您提供热情、到位、专业化的服务,向您展现一片孕育无限商机的网上交易天地。网站简介:仪器仪表交易网(是北京搜宝网络技术有限公司根据中国仪器仪表市场的实际情况,为广大用户量身打造的全新电子商务平台。通俗的讲,您可以把它看作一个全国范围的仪器仪表网上交易市场。这里汇集了全国众多仪器仪表行业内的生产厂家、经销商和采购单位,大家在这里洽谈商务、进行在线交易,共同促进了这个市场的繁荣。为满足用户的不同需求,这个市场被划分为四个大的区域,分别是:供求信息、仪器共享、租赁市场和二手市场。同时开设了行业资讯等专区,进一步为各商家提供细致周到的增值服务。仪器仪表交易网是一个规模庞大的市场,更是一个处于不断成长中的市场,每天都有新的商家加入,有更多更新的供求信息发布。互联网使营造这样一个全国性的大市场成为可能,我们把这种可能变为现实。CHINA TRADE