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Shahe Glass Network is the portal of Shahe Glass Industry and is the e-commerce trade exchange platform of China Glass City. We are committed to the global trade platform construction and enterprise e-commerce services of Shahe Glass Industry and e-commerce solutions for industry enterprises. Using traditional media, cable, wireless and other network technologies, it will establish a direct and effective information interaction bridge between Shahe glass enterprises, glass traders, glass distributors, glass raw materials and consumers. Based on Shahe and facing the world, relying on China's glass city-Shahe glass industry, it is our fundamental mission to quickly capture and realize business opportunities for customers and partners on a global scale. CHINA TRADE

Shahe Glass Network is committed to Shahe Glass Business Services, and gradually builds a well-trained and experienced service team in counties and cities across the country. Providing users with rich information and business services to meet the needs of customers' comprehensive marketing and promotion, maximizing the breadth and depth of services, and enabling enterprises to participate in the full interaction of the era of business information networks. CHINA TRADE

We focus on innovation, extensive cooperation, customer participation and resource integration, and we are committed to serving the company wholeheartedly, and we are determined to drive the overall development of the industry with a sense of responsibility and mission, in the spirit of "creating value for customers." We are committed to the strategic goal of “having core competitiveness and core value” and strive to create a new generation of glass industry e-commerce portal. CHINA TRADE

Shahe Glass Network, the preferred trading platform for Shahe Glass Industry Trade! CHINA TRADE




沙河玻璃网是沙河玻璃行业的门户网站,是中国玻璃城的电子商务贸易交流平台。我们致力于沙河玻璃行业全球商贸平台建设和企业电子商务服务以及为行业企业提供电子商务解决方案。运用传统媒介、有线、无线等网络技术,为沙河外玻璃企业、玻璃贸易商、玻璃经销商、玻璃原材料以及广大消费者之间架设一座直接有效的信息互动桥梁。立足沙河,面向世界,以中国的玻璃城——沙河玻璃行业为依托,为客户、合作伙伴在全球范围内迅捷捕捉并实现商机,是我们的根本使命。CHINA TRADE

沙河玻璃网致力于沙河玻璃商务服务领域,逐步在全国各县市打造一支训练有素、经验一流的服务队伍。为用户提供的丰富的资讯和商务服务,满足客户全面的营销推广的需求,最大限度地扩大服务的广度和深度,使企业参与商业信息网络时代的全面互动。CHINA TRADE

我们注重思想创新、广泛合作、客户参与和资源整合,满怀全心全意为企业服务、决心带动行业整体发展的责任感和使命感,本着“为客户创造价值”的宗旨。并致力于“拥有核心竞争能力和核心价值”的战略目标,努力打造新一代玻璃行业电子商务门户网站。CHINA TRADE

沙河玻璃网,沙河玻璃行业贸易首选贸易平台!CHINA TRADE