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Zhonghua Sensor ( Dedicated to the sensor and instrumentation industry, according to the actual situation of the Chinese sensor market, a new e-commerce platform tailored for the majority of users. Here, there are manufacturers, distributors and purchasing units in many sensor industries across the country. Everyone here negotiates business and conducts online exchanges to promote the prosperity of this market. It has become one of the largest sensor e-commerce websites in China. We strive to provide comprehensive, authoritative and professional information and information services and products and services for manufacturers, distributors and consumers of electronic products with functional and personalized services. Our goal: to build the first portal of the sensor industry after several years of development, with the maturity of the network platform, China Sensor has accumulated a large number of industry resources and service experience. Starting from the perspective and interests of the service sensor industry, we make full use of abundant network resources, apply professional and powerful network technology, and satisfy the requirements of diversification, individualization and compounding of customers to the greatest extent, and obtain the majority of sensor manufacturers and users. Praise. After long-term continuous efforts, the website now has nearly 100,000 registered users (mostly manufacturers and end users), with tens of thousands of daily visits, and has been in the leading position in the instrumentation industry. China Sensors will make full use of the strong technical advantages of the Internet in terms of timeliness, interactivity, multimedia, etc., and open up a new era of infinitely exciting network fourth media, and will be backed by strong traditional media, facing the sensor industry, seeking strong The new ways of cooperation and joint development show more attractive prospects, and companies are welcome to participate and cooperate actively. At present, China Sensors is dedicated to providing you with the following services:CHINA TRADE

1Product Center: Display of various sensor productsCHINA TRADE

2Business Directory: Manufacturers, Distributors, Research Institutes, Colleges and Universities, Industry Associations/Society Instrumentation Industry MediaCHINA TRADE

3 Business Opportunities: including product supply and demand, enterprise product quotationCHINA TRADE

4Technology: including professional papers, application cases, basic knowledge, technical questions, and common data queries /p>

5Technology Forum: Expertise Discussion and AnswersCHINA TRADE

6 Industry News: including industry activities, development trends, market analysis, user trends, relevant government regulations, guidelines, new Product New TechnologyCHINA TRADE

7 Exhibition Information: including the latest exhibition information in various regions of the world and domesticCHINA TRADE

8 Bidding Information: including the latest recruitment and bidding information in the industryCHINA TRADE




中华传感器(致力于传感器与仪器仪表行业根据中国传感器市场的实际情况,为广大用户量身打造的全新电子商务平台。这里汇集了全国众多传感器行业内的生产厂家、经销商和采购单位,大家在这里洽谈商务、进行在线交流,共同促进了这个市场的繁荣。目前已成为国内最大的传感器电子商务网站之一。力图以功能完善、个性化服务,为电子行业生产制造商、销售商、广大的电子产品消费者提供全面、权威、专业的信息资讯服务与产品服务。我们的目标:打造传感器行业第一门户在历经了几年的发展,随着网络平台的日益成熟,中华传感器积累了大量的行业资源和服务经验。我们从服务传感器行业企业的角度和利益为出发点,充分利用丰富的网络资源,应用专业强大的网络技术,最大限度的满足客户多样化、个性化、复合化的要求,获得了广大传感器厂商和用户的好评。经过长期不断的努力,网站现已拥有企业注册用户(多数为厂家和最终用户)近十万,日访问量上万次,在仪器仪表行业内一直处于领先地位。中华传感器将充分运用互联网适时性、互动性、多媒体等方面的强大技术优势,开辟出无限精彩的网络第四媒体新时代,并将以实力雄厚的传统媒体作后盾,面向传感器行业、寻求强强合作和联合的发展新途径,展现出更加诱人的前景,欢迎广大企业积极参与、合作。目前中华传感器竭诚为您提供以下服务:CHINA TRADE

①产品中心:各类传感器产品展示CHINA TRADE

②企业名录:制造商经销商科研机构大专院校行业协会/学会仪器仪表行业媒体CHINA TRADE

③商业机会:包括产品供求、企业产品报价CHINA TRADE

④技术园地:包括专业论文、应用案例、基础知识、技术答疑、常用数据查询CHINA TRADE

⑤技术论坛:专业技术讨论与应该答疑CHINA TRADE

⑥行业动态:包括行业活动、发展趋势、市场分析、用户动向、各级政府相关法规条令、指南、新产品新技术CHINA TRADE

⑦展会信息:包括国际国内各地区最新展会信息CHINA TRADE

⑧招标信息:包括行业内各种最新招、投标信息CHINA TRADE