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China Waste Network is operated by Ningbo Science and Technology Park Donghuang Network Service Co., Ltd. The company was established in August 2004. Its China Waste Network (formerly Waste Network) has won national awards for many times and reported by domestic and overseas media, and has become the leader in the informationization process of China's renewable resources industry. Founded in August 2004, China Waste Network ( is China's earliest and most influential information platform for renewable resources. At that time, it filled the gap in the informationization process of China's renewable resources industry and led the industry's information transmission and Trading mode. China Waste Network is different from other competitors in its information as its own physical trade service, but is positioned as a professional renewable resource information service provider, aiming to create a scientific mechanism to integrate, the middle and lower reaches of the industry are the objects of our service. The website service covers the needs of various roles in the industry, and is deeply and comprehensively analyzed and displayed. Our customers include Jiangxi Copper, Shanghai Sinosteel Investment Group, Zhejiang Minmetals and so on. Since the birth of the website in August 2004, the State Council has issued a new national policy in October to create a conservation-oriented society. The website conforms to the development of the society, from the original 500 members, to more than 300,000 industry enterprise members in 2010. China Waste Network has become a platform for rapid development. He has won the top 100 awards for the 8th China E-Commerce Industry Website in 2005, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, and 12 years, and the Internet Special Dedication Award. CHINA TRADE




中废网是由宁波市科技园区东煌网络服务有限公司运营制作的,公司成立于04年8月。旗下的中废网(前身中废网)多次获国家奖项以海内外媒体报道,已成为中国再生资源行业信息化进程的领军者。中废网(成立于2004年8月,是中国最早最有影响力的再生资源信息平台,在当时填补了我国再生资源行业信息化进程的空白,引领了行业信息传递和交易模式。中废网不同于其他竞争对手那样信息为自身的实体贸易服务,而是定位于专业的再生资源信息服务商,旨在创造一种科学的机制来整合,行业的中下游都是我们服务的对象,网站服务涵括行业各种不同角色的需求,并深入全面的进行剖析和展示。我们的客户有江西铜业,上海中钢投资集团公司,浙江五矿等等。自04年8月网站诞生后,10月国务院就发布了新的国策——创造节约型社会,网站顺应了社会的发展,从当初的500会员不到,到2010年300000多个行业企业会员,中废网已是一个飞速发展的平台。并连续获05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12年八届中国电子商务行业网站百强奖,互联网特别奉献奖等殊荣。CHINA TRADE