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Packaging and Printing Industry Network (original packaging and printing exhibition network) was established in 2005. It is a professional information portal for packaging and printing industry and an excellent B2B network service platform. It is committed to providing industry information and market dynamics for merchants in the packaging and printing industry. Information exchange services such as price quotes, industry exhibitions, technical materials, conference lectures, etc. The combination of excellent information gathering expertise and deep market experience has further enhanced the comprehensive service level of the website. The packaging and printing industry network has been operating for ten years in the industry and has accumulated rich service experience and customer resources. As of 2014, the website has registered professional members in more than 30 provinces and cities nationwide, and has been selected as one of the top 100 Chinese e-commerce websites for many years. It has grown into a domestic information exchange business platform for packaging and printing industry. CHINA TRADE




包装印刷产业网(原包装印刷展览网)成立于2005年,是包装印刷行业专业的信息门户网站和优秀的B2B网络服务平台,致力于为包装印刷领域商家提供行业资讯、市场动态、价格行情、行业展会、技术资料、会议讲座等信息交流服务。业内优秀的信息汇聚专长与深厚的市场经验相结合,进一步提升了网站的综合服务水平。包装印刷产业网立足行业运营十年,积累了丰富的服务经验和客户资源。截止2014年,网站专业注册会员,遍布全国30多个省市,连续多年入选"中国行业电子商务网站100强",已成长为国内包装印刷行业信息交流商务平台。CHINA TRADE