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China Polymer Network ( opened in August 2003 and is the first professional portal in China. In August 2005, the 20-year-old China Plastics Engineering Information Center (CPEIC, was officially incorporated into China Polymer Network, which will enable China Polymer Network to provide information services in the plastics industry. The advantages are even stronger. China Polymer Network is located in China Chemical Society (, China Chemical Society Polymer Science Committee ( and China Plastics Processing Industry Association (, etc. Under the guidance and assistance of relevant organizations and units (list of China Polymer Network Co-organizers), under the guidance of Director Hu Hanjie of the Polymer Science Department of the former National Natural Science Foundation of China (, the entire website Under the efforts of employees and with the active participation and support of the majority of industry and scholars, it has become the highest level of information exchange platform and development forum for Chinese polymer academics and industry. China Polymer Network currently has more than 200,000 registered members and nearly 50,000 registered members. The average daily visitor (IP) exceeds 15,000, and the number of page views per day (Pageview) exceeds 210,000. CHINA TRADE




中国聚合物网(开通于2003年8月,是中国第一家高分子聚合物领域的专业门户网站。在2005年8月,已有二十年历史的中国塑料工程信息中心(简称CPEIC,正式被并入中国聚合物网,这将使中国聚合物网在塑料行业信息服务方面的优势得到更大的加强。中国聚合物网在中国化学会(,中国化学会高分子学科委员会(和中国塑料加工工业协会(等有关组织及单位(中国聚合物网协办单位名单)的大力支持和协助下,在原国家自然科学基金委员会(化学部高分子学科胡汉杰主任的指导下,在网站的全体员工的努力下,和广大业者和学者积极参与支持下,已经成为中国聚合物学术界和产业界最高水平的信息交流平台和发展论坛。中国聚合物网目前拥有个人注册会员超过20万名,团体及企业注册会员近5万家。日均访问量(IP)超过15000人次,每天的页面访问量(Pageview)超过21万。CHINA TRADE