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Zhexin shares, full name: Beijing Zhaoxin Information Technology Co., Ltd., stock code: 430073, registered capital of 56.02 million yuan, controlled by Hong Kong-listed company HC Group (stock code: HK02280) 79.51%, is an informationization The service is the core business of the Internet of Things enterprise. Zhaoxin Anti-Counterfeiting Company is based on “Product Digital Identity Management Technology”, based on cloud platform, using big data, Internet of Things, Internet, blockchain and other technologies, through digital code, QR code, RFID and other labels and printing and packaging carriers. To provide customers with comprehensive anti-counterfeiting, anti-smuggling, traceability, marketing, big data, supply chain management, consumer management and other management services covering the entire product life cycle. The company was established in 1996, with 6 service centers and 48 branches, and has basically realized localization services nationwide. In 2017, the company assigned nearly 10 billion pieces. Wuhan and Beijing have three sets of complete operation systems at the same time, which have the capability of remote disaster recovery, information data HC cloud storage, multi-layer encrypted user identity rights management, and ensure enterprise user information security. CHINA TRADE




兆信股份,全称:北京兆信信息技术股份有限公司,股票代码:430073,注册资金5600.2万元,由港股上市公司慧聪集团(股票代码:HK02280)控股79.51%,是一家以信息化服务为核心业务的物联网企业。兆信防伪公司公司以“产品数字身份管理技术”为基础,基于云平台,利用大数据、物联网、互联网、区块链等技术,通过数字码、二维码、RFID等标签及印刷包装载体,为客户提供综合防伪、防窜货、溯源、营销、大数据、供应链管理、消费管理等覆盖整个产品全生命周期的管理服务。公司1996年成立,有6大服务中心,48家分支机构,全国范围内基本实现了本地化服务。在2017年,公司赋码量近100亿枚。武汉、北京两地同时设有三套完整运行系统,具备异地容灾能力,信息数据慧聪云存储,多层加密用户身份权限管理,保障企业用户信息安全。CHINA TRADE