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China Packaging Network was established in September 1999. It was originally a member of the World Packaging Organization (Director) and is the leading industry portal in China. At the beginning of the establishment of China Packaging Network, it has been committed to promoting the informationization of the packaging industry and promoting the development of China's packaging industry, and has always been at the forefront of the industry. CHINA TRADE

●Dare to be the best in the industryCHINA TRADE

After 18 years of development and accumulation, China Packaging Network has become a recognized first-line brand in the industry. China Packaging Network has a complete and powerful information platform for information publishing and information inquiry in the packaging industry. It has also pioneered the business model of “online and offline linkage”, which has enabled the traditional packaging industry to grow rapidly in the era of Internet economy. From 2003 to 2011, it won the top 100 e-commerce in China for the 8th consecutive year; it was selected as the top ten e-commerce in Zhejiang Province from 2006 to 2009; in 2014, it was selected as the first batch of third-party platform for key e-commerce in Zhejiang Province; in 2017, China Packaging Network was selected as the national small and medium-sized enterprise. Enterprise public service demonstration platform. CHINA TRADE

●The huge alliance camp, the information is comprehensive.CHINA TRADE

China Packaging Network has a wide range of partners worldwide, including Google, Versign, Yahoo and other international giant Internet companies. There are also more than 100 domestic Internet companies such as China Internet News Center, Sina, Sohu, and 3721, which together form a huge cooperative alliance. China Packaging Network utilizes its own alliance camp (all kinds of packaging professional institutions, various service organizations, media groups, provincial central stations, etc.) to effectively promote customer companies in all aspects. CHINA TRADE

● Solid customer base, broad opportunity spaceCHINA TRADE

More than 5.3 million registered net members, more than 5,000 service customers, China Packaging Network is skilled in providing first-class network for packaging companies solution. The joining of many manufacturers has undoubtedly provided a huge development opportunity for Chinese packaging network customers, timely transmitting the latest demand and investment and financing information to local customers, and bringing a steady stream of business opportunities to the network packaging enterprises. The obligation of the line. CHINA TRADE

●Adversity breaks through the song of endeavorCHINA TRADE

Big waves, especially in the rapid development of the Internet economy era, the challenges are unpredictable, and the opportunities are fleeting. "Transformation, innovation, development" - is the foundation of China's packaging network. In an increasingly difficult network environment, China Packaging Network has developed a new path of innovation and transformation under the original basic advantages, and established the development of five-in-one network media, e-commerce applications, online transactions, talent exchange and training centers. strategy. CHINA TRADE

●Network Media ServiceCHINA TRADE

China Packaging Network bases on the advantages of the original website and provides a comprehensive, three-dimensional, multi-angle corporate promotion around the needs of traditional packaging companies. Plan your solution. As the first media platform in the packaging industry, China Packaging Network covers information, selection, exhibition, technology, experts, design, special topics, culture, encyclopedia, alliance and other aspects, providing professional and authoritative Internet information services for corporate customers. CHINA TRADE

●E-commerce applicationCHINA TRADE

In the market trend of e-commerce exchange, China Packaging Network has developed an EPS e-commerce application system for the purpose of realizing business electronicization within the enterprise. EPS takes the order as the main line and involves the information software system of procurement, inventory and sales. It mainly solves the problem of enterprise order production and office collaboration, assists the company to cooperate internally and handle orders easily. More importantly, the EPS system integrates upstream and downstream customers in the packaging and printing industry for users. The user realizes independent e-commerce marketing, online procurement and sales one-stop completion, and is the first in related industries. CHINA TRADE

●Online Trading PlatformCHINA TRADE

“Packaging E City” is the product of China Packaging Network to solve the problem of online trading of packaging enterprises, creating a precedent for the online electronic trading platform of the packaging industry. "Package E City" integrates B2B, B2C, o2o and other e-commerce models, supports retail, wholesale, group purchase, promotion, sample, transfer and other sales methods, sales mainly in the industry's popular packaging products and consumables, providing coverage packaging And the business classification of related industries. Covers the business scope of 8 major categories and 33 small categories, including food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, daily packaging, and logistics packaging. For the enterprise "custom" to create a professional section, "Package E City" is a difficult move to push the enterprise from the touch of the net to the electric shock, is a real enterprise online trading e-commerce platform. CHINA TRADE

● Talent Exchange Platform and Training CenterCHINA TRADE

To promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, we must first solve the problem of enterprise talents. In 2007, China Packaging Network set up “China Packaging Talent Network” and in 2014, it jointly organized and established “Zhejiang Packaging Industry E-Commerce Training Center” with Zhejiang Packaging Technology Association to promote the development of e-commerce in the packaging industry and personnel training. CHINA TRADE

The "China Packaging Talent Network" was established in 2013 and is a talent website for the packaging industry. The website provides a variety of talent exchange modes such as “finding jobs, finding talents, urgent recruitment, headhunting services, campus recruitment”, as well as massive front-end and professional talent information. CHINA TRADE

“Zhejiang Packaging Industry E-Commerce Training Center” provides technical consulting, skills, e-commerce training and other services for industry enterprises, providing the first resources for industry transformation and upgrading. Based on the first, relying on the provincial and municipal institutions to run vocational qualification training; second, relying on China's packaging network to provide basic training for industry characteristics; third, relying on colleges and universities to provide academic training. The training center has become the cradle of electric merchants in the packaging industry by formulating long-term training plans, developing training programs, promoting advanced training experience, advanced training methods, means and scientific research results at home and abroad, and strengthening the construction of teaching staff. CHINA TRADE

● Re-create the pioneer to lead the industry trendCHINA TRADE

In 2014, China Packaging Network once again launched the transformation and upgrade engine, setting an example for leading the industry. On July 8, 2014, the first “National” brand packaging industry e-commerce organization “China Packaging Federation E-Commerce Committee” was formally established in Jinhua Network Economic Center. The industry organization will actively promote the strategic deployment of the industry's deep integration of the two industries, and help the packaging industry to better promote e-commerce promotion and application. With the continuous development of informationization and networking, the business model is constantly innovating, and the packaging industry can only continue to grow and develop with the pace of the times. CHINA TRADE




中国包装网成立于1999年9月,原是世界包装组织(理事)成员,是国内领先的行业门户网站。中国包装网建立之初就以促进包装行业信息化、推进中国包装产业发展为己任,一直走在行业之首。CHINA TRADE

●敢为人先打造行业之最CHINA TRADE

历经18年的发展沉淀和积累,中国包装网已经成为行业公认的门户一线品牌。中国包装网拥有包装行业分类齐全、功能强大的信息发布和信息查询的信息平台,又首创了“网上网下联动”的经营模式,使传统包装行业在互联网经济时代中迅速壮大。2003—2011年连续8届蝉联中国电子商务百强;2006—2009年连续入选浙江省电子商务十强;2014年首选入围浙江省首批重点电子商务第三方平台;2017年中国包装网入选国家中小企业公共服务示范平台。CHINA TRADE

●庞大的联盟阵营,资讯全方位贯通CHINA TRADE

在全球范围内,中国包装网拥有广泛的合作伙伴,其中包括Google、Versign、Yahoo等国际巨头互联网公司,还有中国互联网新闻中心、新浪、搜狐、3721等100多个国内互联网公司,共同组成了庞大的合作联盟。中国包装网利用自身的联盟阵营(各类包装专业机构、各类服务机构、媒体组合、各省市中心站等),能够全方位对客户企业进行有效推广。CHINA TRADE

●坚实的客户基础,广阔的机遇空间CHINA TRADE

53多万家注册网员,5000多家服务客户,中国包装网熟练于为包装企业提供一流的网络解决方案。众多厂家商家的加盟,无疑又为中国包装网客户提供了丰厚的发展机遇,把最新的需求及投融资信息及时传递给各地客户,给入网包装企业带来源源不断的商机,是中国包装网惯行的义务。CHINA TRADE

●逆境突围唱响奋进之歌CHINA TRADE

大浪淘沙,尤其是在互联网经济时代的高速发展进程中,挑战变幻莫测,机遇稍纵即逝。“转型、创新、发展”——是中国包装网的立命之根本。在越来越艰难的网络环境中,中国包装网在原有的基础优势下,推陈出新,积极创新转型之路,确立了网络媒体、电商应用、在线交易、人才交流、培训中心五位一体的发展战略。CHINA TRADE


中国包装网将原有的网站优势作为基础,围绕传统包装企业的需求,提供全方位、立体化、多角度的企业宣传、策划解决方案。作为包装行业第一媒体平台,中国包装网囊括了资讯、评选、展会、技术、专家、设计、专题、文化、百科、联盟等各个方面,为企业客户提供专业权威的互联网信息服务。CHINA TRADE


在电商换市的市场趋势中,中国包装网以实现企业内部的商务电子化为目的,开发了EPS电子商务应用系统。EPS以订单为主线,涉及采购、库存、销售三个环节的信息化软件系统,主要解决企业订单生产办公协同化问题,协助企业内部协同办公、轻松处理订单。更重要的是,EPS系统为用户整合包装印刷行业内上下游客户,用户实现自主电子商务营销,在线采购与销售一站式完成,在相关行业领域属首创。CHINA TRADE


“包装E城”是中国包装网为解决包装企业开展在线交易问题的产物,开创了包装行业在线电子交易平台的先河。“包装E城”融合B2B、B2C、o2o等电子商务模式,支持零售、批发、团购、促销、看样、转让等多种销售方式,销售以行业热门的包装制品及耗材为主推,提供覆盖包装及相关行业的经营分类。涵盖食品包装、医药包装、日化包装、物流包装等8大主类别和33个小分类的经营范围。针对企业“定制”打造专业板块,“包装E城”为力推企业从触网到触电的艰难举措,是真正意义上的企业在线交易电子商务平台。CHINA TRADE

●人才交流平台和培训中心CHINA TRADE

推动行业转型升级,必先解决企业人才问题。中国包装网于2007年组建“中国包装人才网”和2014年与浙江省包装技术协会联合组织成立了“浙江省包装行业电子商务培训中心”,力推进包装行业电商的发展以及人才培养。CHINA TRADE

“中国包装人才网”组建于2013年,是包装行业人才网站。网站提供“找工作、找人才、紧急招聘、猎头服务、校园招聘”等多种人才交流模式以及海量前端、专业人才资讯等内容。CHINA TRADE

“浙江省包装行业电子商务培训中心”则为行业企业提供技术咨询、技能、电商培训等服务,为行业转型升级提供第一资源。基于一是依托各省市机构部门办职业资格培训;二是依托中国包装网以办行业特色基础培训;三是依托各大专院校办学历培训。培训中心通过制定长期培训计划、开发培训项目,推广先进培训经验,国内外先进培训方式、手段和科研成果、加强师资队伍建设等多种办法,成为包装行业电商人才的摇篮。CHINA TRADE

●再创先锋引领行业风向CHINA TRADE

2014年,中国包装网再次启动转型升级引擎,为引领行业发展做出表率。2014年7月8日,首个“国”字号包装行业电商组织“中国包装联合会电子商务委员会”在金华网络经济中心正式成立。该行业组织将积极推动本行业两化深度融合工作的战略部署,帮助包装行业更好地开展电子商务推广应用。随着信息化和网络化的不断发展,商务经营模式不断创新,包装行业只有紧随时代步伐,才能不断发展壮大。CHINA TRADE