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Jibang Consulting (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a professional research institution providing market in-depth analysis and industry consulting services, as well as an industrial information media platform. Today, there are more than 410,000 registered members worldwide, gathered from the emerging and technology industry circles. Each year, Jibang Consulting organizes at least five international seminars in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Taipei. In addition to publishing the latest industry research results and analyzing the latest development trends in the market, it also provides exchanges among industry professionals. And can expand the platform of business opportunities in all directions. CHINA TRADE

TrendForce includes five major research departments - DRAMeXchange, WitsView, LEDinside, EnergyTrend, Tektronix and VehicleTrend. The research areas include: DRAM, Flash memory, personal computers, smart phones, laptops, tablets, Structures of high-tech industries in Greater China, such as display-related industries such as LCD TVs, panels and touch technologies, LED, lighting market, solar energy, electric vehicles and lithium batteries, semiconductors, communications, IA, and regional markets Trend research. With a team of professional analysts who are familiar with major industries, we can effectively use diversified research methods to combine the information of buyers and sellers with the latest technology development trends. At the same time, we conduct global and comprehensive research on various industries to provide customers with the most complete business. Strategic Analysis. CHINA TRADE

TrendForce was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Taipei. It has an office in Shenzhen and has more than 200 professional staff to serve customers from all over the world. If you need more detailed data, please contact us. Www.trendforce.cnCHINA TRADE

TrendForce Green Energy Division LEDinside was established in 2007. It is a professional LED (light-emitting diode) global industry information platform and research organization, providing daily global LED industry news and related data. , intelligence, data, LED applications, prices and trading information, etc., but also provide LED industry analysis and comments, LED industry interviews and a wealth of LED industry knowledge base. CHINA TRADE




集邦咨询顾问(深圳)有限公司是一家提供市场深入分析和产业咨询服务的专业研究机构,同时也是产业信息媒介平台。现今全球注册会员已超过410,000名,聚集来自各大新兴、科技产业圈人脉。集邦咨询顾问每年在上海、广州、深圳及台北等地举办至少五场以上的国际研讨会,会中除了发表最新产业研究成果及剖析市场最新的发展趋势外,同时也提供业界人士一个互相交流、并可全方位拓展商机的平台。CHINA TRADE

TrendForce包含五大主要研究部门—DRAMeXchange、WitsView、LEDinside、EnergyTrend、拓墣及VehicleTrend车势,研究领域涵盖:DRAM、Flash内存、个人计算机、智能型手机、笔电、平板、液晶电视、面板及触控技术等显示器相关产业、LED、照明市场、太阳能、电动车与锂电池等绿能相关产业、半导体、通讯、IA、以及区域市场等大中华地区高科技产业的结构性趋势研究。旗下拥有熟悉各大产业的专业分析师团队,能有效运用多样化研究方法,结合买卖双方信息与最新技术发展趋势;同时,针对各产业进行全球性的缜密通盘研究,以提供客户最完整的商业战略分析。CHINA TRADE

TrendForce成立于2000年,总部设于台北,在深圳设有办事处,拥有超过200位专业员工,以服务来自全球各地的广大客户。若您需要更详细的数据,与我们联系。www.trendforce.cnCHINA TRADE

TrendForce绿能事业处LEDinside于2007年成立,是一个专业的LED(发光二极管)全球产业信息平台与研究机构,每日提供全球LED产业消息、相关数据、情报、数据、LED应用、价格与买卖信息等等,同时也提供LED产业分析评论、LED产业访谈与丰富的LED行业知识库。CHINA TRADE