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The mineral rights resource network ( is a professional, authoritative and comprehensive portal site developed by Tangshan Chenyuan Technology Co., Ltd. This website has won the support of related associations, experts, research institutes and geological exploration units at home and abroad. Based on domestic and foreign mineral enterprises, equipment enterprises, investment companies, and other industry enterprises, the market is oriented to provide domestic and foreign markets. News, accurate information on various minerals, selected mineral rights information, expert online technical guidance, character interviews, corporate promotion and other services, with "authority, precision, effective" for the purpose, with our quality professional services for the majority The strategic decision of domestic and foreign customers provides valuable, reliable and reliable market reference information. The development and growth of the mineral rights resource network ( is inseparable from the support and assistance of domestic and foreign mining companies. Our network will rely on advanced information technology, perfect management mechanism and extensive The network coverage and professional talent team will make our network a trade information platform for exchange, cooperation and communication in the mining industry at home and abroad. CHINA TRADE




矿权资源网(,是由唐山市辰远科技有限公司精心打造的矿业行业内专业、权威、全面的门户网站。本网得到了国内外矿业行业相关协会、专家、科研院所、地质勘查单位的鼎立支持,立足于国内外矿产企业、设备企业、投资公司、等其他行业企业,以市场为导向,提供国内外新闻资讯,各矿种精准行情,精选矿权信息,专家在线技术指导,人物访谈,企业宣传推广等服务,以"权威、精准、有效"为宗旨,用我们优质专业的服务为广大国内外客户的战略决策提供有价值、真实可靠的市场参考资讯。矿权资源网(的发展和成长离不开国内外矿业人士企业的支持和帮助,我网将凭借先进的信息技术、完善的管理机制、广泛的网络覆盖及专业的人才团队,将我网打造成国内外矿业方面交流、合作、沟通的贸易资讯平台。CHINA TRADE