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The IC37 network of Shenzhen Bihai Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2000. It is the leading IC industry website and mainstream online media in China; providing professional IC industry B2B e-commerce, internet marketing and other Internet application services; The electronic products, IT product procurement and suppliers and many media have established a good relationship of cooperation and have a good reputation in the industry. At present, has a large number of registered members, with an average daily visit volume of 100,000 person-times. It is in the forefront of the IC industry website and provides professional Internet product promotion for the IC industry's suppliers. It is related to baidu, google IC and IC network. The keyword search ranking is in the forefront, and the promotion effect obtained has been widely recognized and praised by customers! IC37 Beijing Branch was formally established to cooperate with the development of the IC37 network in Beijing. The Beijing branch was formally established in May 2010. Warmly welcome more new and old customers to join our website, develop together and make progress together! CHINA TRADE




深圳市碧海网络科技有限公司旗下IC37网成立于2000年10月,是国内领先的IC行业网站,主流网络媒体;提供专业的IC行业B2B电子商务、网络营销等互联网应用服务;与全球的电子产品、IT产品采购与供应商及众多媒体建立了良好的合作关系,在业界已经拥有了良好的口碑。目前,IC37.com拥有大批注册会员,日均访问量10万人次,居IC行业网站前列,为IC行业广大供货商提供了专业的互联网产品推广,在baidu、google里IC和IC网等相关关键字搜索排列位置居前列,所取得的推广效果得到了客户的广泛认可和好评!IC37网北京分公司正式成立为配合IC37网北京市场的发展,北京分公司已于2010年5月正式成立。热烈欢迎更多的新老客户加入我们网站,共同发展,共同进步!CHINA TRADE