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China Building Glass and Industrial Glass Network ( is the only information media organization sponsored by China Building Glass and Industrial Glass Association. It is the portal website of China's glass industry. It is the working platform of the Association and is a member unit. Online home. The website will make full use of the advantages of the Internet to provide timely, rich and valuable information services for glass and related industries, and provide a stage for companies to display their products and services. CHINA TRADE

As a portal for the glass industry, the website has opened up industry information, policies and regulations, standards, product encyclopedias, corporate yellow pages, statistical reports, market dynamics, recommended companies, industry data, technology exchanges, supply and demand centers, recruitment There are 17 major sections in job hunting, exhibition conferences, glass forums and online magazines, including special sections such as expert database, stock market information and price guide. Provide authoritative, professional, comprehensive and in-depth information to industry colleagues. CHINA TRADE

The website has carried out a large amount of information in the glass industry, and has established different characteristics in the 17 major sections of the station. Enable corporate members and users to get information faster and more accurately. In addition, the website forum provides a real-time communication platform for users, enterprises and associations. CHINA TRADE

Our mission purposeCHINA TRADE

Building a "horizontal + vertical" three-dimensional professional information platform, dedicated to providing one-stop information services for enterprises, and strive to create a professional in the glass industry Web portals. CHINA TRADE

Our Service PhilosophyCHINA TRADE

Serve the business, create value for the business; serve the government and help the government decision-making. CHINA TRADE


Leverage the association as a communication link between the government and enterprises, enterprises and enterprises. It is necessary to improve the self-discipline of the industry through the network platform and provide a member for the general public. Display and promote its own platform, enrich the choice between upstream and downstream enterprises, strengthen communication between domestic and foreign enterprises, and complete the information construction of enterprises as soon as possible. CHINA TRADE

Our advantageCHINA TRADE

Support from government departments, participation of member units, help from industry experts, and concern from friends from all walks of life. CHINA TRADE




中国建筑玻璃与工业玻璃网(是由中国建筑玻璃与工业玻璃协会主办的唯一信息传媒机构,是我国玻璃行业的门户网站,是协会的工作平台,是会员单位的网上家园。网站将充分利用互联网的优势,为玻璃及相关行业提供及时、丰富和有价值的信息服务,为企业提供展示其产品和服务的舞台。CHINA TRADE

作为玻璃行业的门户网站,网站开辟了行业资讯、政策法规、标准、产品大全、企业黄页、统计报表、市场动态、推荐企业、行业数据、技术交流、供求中心、招聘求职、展会会议、玻璃论坛、网刊共17大板块,其中还包括专家库、股市信息、价格指南等特色板块。为行业同仁提供权威、专业、全面和深入的信息。CHINA TRADE

网站将玻璃行业中大量的信息,进行了规政和整理,将全站17大板块中分别建立了不同特色栏目。使企业会员和用户更快捷准确的得到信息。与此之外,网站论坛更是为广大用户、企业、协会间提供了实时交流的平台。CHINA TRADE


搭建"水平+垂直"的立体式专业信息平台,全心全意为企业提供一站式的资讯服务,力争打造玻璃行业的专业门户网站。CHINA TRADE


服务于企业,为企业创造价值;服务于政府,为政府决策提供帮助。CHINA TRADE


充分利用协会作为政府与企业、企业与企业间的沟通纽带,既要通过网络平台提高行业的自律又要为广大会员企业提供一个展示推广自己的平台,丰富上下游企业间选择空间,加强国内外企业间沟通,尽快完成企业的信息化建设。CHINA TRADE


政府部门的支持,会员单位的参与,行业专家的帮助,各界朋友的关心。CHINA TRADE