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Global Glass Network ( was founded in 2008 and is an e-commerce service platform for the glass industry chain. Provide glass industry chain enterprises with comprehensive services in the industry, including supply and demand information, industry information, product quotation, talent recruitment, website construction, brand promotion and other projects. Through the promotion services for merchants, the brand value will be improved and the benefits will soar. CHINA TRADE

Global Glass Network adheres to the core development strategy based on big data, supported by new technologies, with quality service as the core and platform merchants as the center. After years of accumulation and precipitation, we have mastered more comprehensive industrial information and resources. On the basis of optimizing services such as brand promotion and online order matching, we will provide value-added services such as intensive procurement, scale customization, production and sales digitization, and supply chain finance to optimize resource allocation for the glass industry supply chain and solve current supply and demand information. The issue of symmetry; in the business development layout will be based on the global vision, based on China, to the world; in response to the national "Belt and Road" call, play a good role in the development of international business, help the glass industry chain enterprises to "go global" Strategy to enhance the international status and brand status of China's glass industry. CHINA TRADE

As the leading Internet company in the glass industry chain, the global glass network will gradually build a glass industry chain ecosystem and ultimately realize shared value. CHINA TRADE




全球玻璃网(创建于2008年,是玻璃产业链的电子商务服务平台。为玻璃产业链企业提供业内全方位服务,包括供求信息、行业资讯、产品报价、人才招聘、网站建设、品牌推广等项目,通过为商户进行推广服务,实现品牌价值提升,效益飙升。CHINA TRADE

全球玻璃网坚持以大数据为基础、以新技术为支撑、以优质服务为核心、以平台商户为中心为核心发展思路。经过多年的积累和沉淀,掌握较之全面的产业信息和资源。在优化品牌推广、线上订单匹配等服务的基础上,将提供集约化采购、规模化定制、产销数字化、供应链金融等增值服务,为玻璃产业供应链实现资源优化配置,解决目前供需信息不对称问题;在业务发展布局上将以全球化的视野,立足中国,走向全球;响应国家“一带一路”的号召,发挥好商户发展国际业务的纽带作用,助力玻璃产业链企业实现“走出去”战略,提升我国玻璃领域的国际地位和品牌地位。CHINA TRADE

全球玻璃网作为玻璃产业链互联网领军企业,将逐步构建玻璃产业链生态系统,最终实现共享价值。CHINA TRADE