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Yicong Amusement Equipment Network (hereinafter referred to as: Yi Cong Network) ( was established in Zhengzhou, Henan Province in the winter of 2016. The website is a vertical B2B e-commerce platform for amusement equipment, mainly releasing information on amusement equipment. , the brand provides, Yi Cong network is affiliated to Zhengzhou Hao Information Technology Co., Ltd., founded by local senior network person Zhao Yun. It is an interactive platform for amusement equipment information. CHINA TRADE

The mission of Yi is to integrate local amusement equipment resources, provide a real, efficient and convenient procurement platform for enterprises and customers through the network platform, and promote the benign development of the amusement equipment industry and promote the buyers and sellers. Transaction. CHINA TRADE

The company adheres to the management and operation concept of focusing on quality, respecting talents and simple and clear service methods to serve the vast number of enterprises! The concept of Yi is: “Becoming a good partner for SMEs!”, helping small and medium-sized enterprises to develop, and is committed to promoting the development of amusement equipment business, providing accurate product and supplier information search for professional purchasing equipment and procurement engineers of amusement equipment. service. CHINA TRADE

The way we think:CHINA TRADE

Highly focused: We focus on information and technology that benefits businesses through the Internet.CHINA TRADE

User Experience: Powerful features, simple Operation, friendly user experience, this is our commitment.CHINA TRADE

Our philosophy is:CHINA TRADE

Provide high-quality, accurate business information to fully integrate user data and provide value to users Service, the needs of users represent our pursuit of goals.CHINA TRADE

We believe that:CHINA TRADE

With our unremitting efforts, we can become the most profitable website. CHINA TRADE

Deep Statement:CHINA TRADE

We are eager to be a data mining and information service provider focused on the enterprise, dedicated to the development of innovative technologies and the creation of amusement equipment.CHINA TRADE

< p>The history and honor of Yicong.CHINA TRADE

In March 2014, was registered in the State Administration of Trademarks and the trademark of Yicong was legally protectedCHINA TRADE

September 2016 Zhengzhou Information Technology Co., Ltd. was establishedCHINA TRADE

In January 2017, Yi Cong Network ( went online for trial operationCHINA TRADE

In March 2017, Alibaba Cloud Qingdao was used for the website of Yi Cong. Ensure access speed is improvedCHINA TRADE




亿聪游乐设备网(下简称:亿聪网)(于2016年冬季在河南郑州成立,网站为游乐设备垂直性B2B电商平台,主要发布游乐设备信息,资讯,品牌提供,亿聪网隶属于郑州壹贰叁肆信息技术有限公司,由当地资深网络人士赵云创办。是游乐设备信息互动平台。CHINA TRADE

亿聪网的使命是整合当地游乐设备资源,通过网络平台为企业和客户提供一个真实有效、方便快捷的采购平台,同时推动游乐设备产业的良性发展,促进买卖双方的成交。CHINA TRADE

公司秉承注重质量,尊重人才,服务方式简洁明了的管理与运营理念服务广大企业!亿聪网的理念是:“成为中小企业的好伙伴!”,帮助中小企业发展,并致力于促进游乐设备商贸发展,为游乐设备专业的采购人员和采购工程师提供精确的产品和供应商信息搜索服务。CHINA TRADE


高度专注:我们专注于通过互联网让企业受益的信息和技术.CHINA TRADE

用户体验:强大的功能,简单的操作,友好的用户体验,这是我们的承诺.CHINA TRADE


提供高质、准确的商务信息全面整合用户数据,为用户提供价值服务,用户的需求代表我们的追求目标.CHINA TRADE


通过我们不懈的努力,我们可以成为最能让企业受益的网站。CHINA TRADE


我们渴望做一家专注于企业的数据挖掘和信息服务提供商,致力于创新技术的研发以及打造游乐设备领域的CHINA TRADE

亿聪网的历史与荣誉CHINA TRADE

2014年03月亿聪网在国家商标总局注册亿聪商标受到法律保护CHINA TRADE

2016年09月郑州壹贰叁肆信息技术有限公司成立CHINA TRADE

2017年01月亿聪网(上线试运行CHINA TRADE

2017年03月为亿聪网站使用阿里云青岛机房,确保访问速度的提升CHINA TRADE