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China Plastics Products Network is based in Huangyan, Zhejiang, the capital of China's plastic daily necessities, providing a full range of e-commerce services based on the Internet platform for all plastics manufacturers and industry stakeholders worldwide. After years of hard work and development, the most comprehensive enterprise and product database of China's plastic products industry has been established, and it has become a portal for plastic products in a single industry. In order to meet the needs of enterprise development and industry, and better serve plastic products enterprises, the company actively promotes the major plastic products exhibitions in the country, so that more sellers and buyers can reach cooperation through the global plastic products network. At present, China's plastic products network service projects mainly include VIP members, fixed ranking and promotion, and are committed to providing a one-stop service for plastic products enterprises. Looking forward to the future, China Plastics Products Network will be based in Yiwu, Taizhou, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Fujian and other major cities. With the continuous improvement of service quality and strong and effective brand promotion strategy, we will strive to build the country's largest, most authoritative and most influential. The plastic products network industry portal website leverages the English version to develop a broad international market, achieves a positive global effect, and truly serves the enterprise, serves the region, and serves the ultimate goal of society. CHINA TRADE




中国塑料制品网立足于中国塑料日用品之都——浙江黄岩,为全球范围内的所有塑料制品厂商及行业相关人士提供基于互联网平台的全套电子商务服务。经过多年的努力和发展,建立了中国塑料制品行业最全面的企业和产品数据库,目前已成为单一行业塑料制品的门户网站。为了顺应企业发展和行业需求,更好的为塑料制品企业服务,公司积极地在全国各大塑料制品展会上做大力的宣传,让更多的卖家买家通过全球塑料制品网达成合作。目前,中国塑料制品网服务项目主要包括VIP会员、固定排名及推广等业务,致力于为塑料制品企业提供全方位一站式服务。展望未来,中国塑料制品网将立足于义乌、台州、宁波,广州、福建等各大城市,靠不断提升的服务质量和强势有效的品牌宣传战略,着力打造全国最大、最权威、最具影响力的塑料制品网行业门户网站,借力英文版的开拓广阔的国际市场,实现积极的全球效应,真正服务于企业、服务于地区、服务于社会的终极目标。CHINA TRADE