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Megapin (Beijing) Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. is a e-commerce company that sells professional sports equipment. It was established in March 2012 and sells online badminton, table tennis, tennis, outdoor, fitness and more. The variety of products continues to expand the depth and breadth of cooperation with major brands, ensuring the richness of various categories of products, providing a full range of products and services for all types of sports brand enthusiasts to meet the needs of sports enthusiasts. The products provided by the dynamic goods network are all authentic licensed, ensuring the same quality as the counters in the shopping malls, and can be inspected and appraised, solemnly promised “fake one loses two”; in terms of price: the purchase of dynamic goods is a formal channel, reducing the multiple links in the middle, insisting on Authentic low price, small profits but quick turnover; in terms of shipment: has a special quality inspection staff, after a multi-layer quality inspection, strictly control the quality of the products shipped; in terms of services: the dynamic network has a professional customer service staff To ensure the first time to accurately answer customer inquiries and questions, provide patient pre-sales consultation, professional sales support, and quality after-sales service, so that each customer can experience the health and happiness brought by sports. Free shipping for over 199 yuan, the dynamic network will choose the fastest delivery, best service delivery, according to your region, for your door-to-door delivery. Support home delivery to payment (the area can be enjoyed in the area where the payment is delivered to the payment). Customers can order by online ordering. As long as the delivery address is within the city range of cash on delivery, you can choose the cash on delivery method. Payment (excluding post-processing goods). CHINA TRADE




动品壹佰(北京)体育用品有限公司旗下动品网是一家销售专业体育器材的电子商务公司,成立于2012年3月份,在线销售羽毛球、乒乓球、网球、户外、健身等多种品类,继续拓展与各大品牌的合作深度和宽度,确保各品类产品丰富性,为各类运动品牌爱好者提供全方位的产品和服务,满足运动爱好者的需求。动品网提供的商品皆为正品行货,确保与商场专柜同等品质,可查验鉴定,郑重承诺“假一赔二”;在价格方面:动品网采购均为正规渠道,减少中间多重环节,坚持正品低价,薄利多销;在出货方面:动品网拥有专门的质检人员,经过多层质检,严格把控出货产品的品质;在服务方面:动品网拥有专业的客服人员,确保第一时间准确解答客户的咨询与疑问,提供耐心的售前咨询、专业的售中支持、优质的售后服务,让每个顾客体会运动带来的健康和快乐。满199元免运费,动品网会根据您所在地区的不同,选择配送速度最快,服务最好的快递,为您送货上门。支持宅急送货到付款(宅急送货到付款开通的地区可享受此服务),客户可以通过在线订购的方式订货,只要送货地址在货到付款开通城市范围内,就可以选择货到付款的方式进行支付(不包括后加工商品)。CHINA TRADE