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China Shipbuilding Network ( is an early e-commerce platform for the establishment of China's shipbuilding industry. It is the preferred website for Chinese shipbuilding companies to display transactions. As the wind vane of the shipbuilding industry, China Shipbuilding Network provides the most comprehensive ship in real time. Professional information services such as buying and selling, ship leasing, ship supporting equipment and raw materials supply and demand, shipping freight index and schedule notice, ship news, shipping information, shipping talents, Q&A and community.CHINA TRADE

中国船舶网- CnshipNet.COM has the largest domestic ship professional database, containing more than 10,000 ship sites in more than 180 countries and regions, including more than 3,000 shipbuilding and repairing enterprises, more than 5,000 ship supporting enterprises, and more than 6,000 shipowners. More than 300 million product records; covering all aspects of the banking industry, such as business opportunities, international procurement, product promotion, international exhibitions, news centers, ship translation, ship encyclopedia, etc., the daily visit volume exceeded 100,000 person-times, which is the industry's network trade and technology. The preferred platform for R&D. CHINA TRADE




中国船舶网(是中国船舶行业成立较早领先的电子商务平台,是中国船舶企业展示交易首选网站,中国船舶网作为船舶行业的风向标,即时提供最全面的船舶买卖、船舶租赁、船舶配套设备及原材料的供求、航运运价指数及船期预告、船舶新闻、航运资讯、航运人才、问答及社区等专业信息服务.CHINA TRADE

中国船舶网-CnshipNet.COM建有国内最大的船舶专业数据库,内含180多个国家和地区的1万多个船舶站点,含3000多家造修船企业,5000多家船舶配套企业,6000多位船东,30,000万多条产品记录;内容涵盖商业机会、国际采购、产品推广、国际展会、新闻中心、船舶翻译、船舶百科等船舶行业的方方面面,日访问量突破100,000人次,是行业人士进行网络贸易、技术研发的首选平台。CHINA TRADE