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China Electric Network ( is China's electrical industry portal, professional B2B e-commerce website, electrical equipment product network trading platform, is the leader of the electrical industry network media, is the traditional electrical procurement and modern e-commerce The pioneer of the combination of modes, in the service concept of “winning customers with service and winning the market”, has created a unique industry website model and service model in the course of many years of development. China Electric Network provides products for you free of charge. Buying information, news information, technical exchanges, exhibition information, talent recruitment and other information. Free display of the latest and most complete electrical industry supply and demand information. China Electric Network ( takes customers as God and provides customers with maximum value-added services with the free model as the core. "Customer needs are our needs", and it is committed to listening, digging and satisfying the needs of doing business as a businessman, insisting on the needs of users, and hopes to present every piece of information, every transaction, every Every event, every page is your satisfaction. China Electric Network ( provides members with numerous business information and recommends a large number of creditworthy credit companies on a daily basis to provide reference for economic activities in the industry. Due to the unique market positioning and deep service content, the daily traffic of the website has maintained steady growth, which has become an important channel for merchants to communicate, exchange, publish and obtain information. Service is everything, your satisfied smile is our biggest reward to choose China Electric Network ( benefits: 1, enhance corporate image and display products; 2, huge visits; 3, quality service; 4 , timely and effective business information; 5, all-round information display; 6, the simplest release system;CHINA TRADE




中国电气网(是中国电气行业门户网站,专业B2B电子商务网站,电气设备产品网络交易平台,是电气行业网络传媒的领先者,是传统电气采购与现代电子商务模式结合的开创者,本着"服务赢得客户、服务赢得市场"的服务理念,在多年发展历程中,创造了独特的行业网站模式及服务模式,中国电气网免费为您提供产品供应、求购信息、新闻资讯、技术交流、展会信息、人才招聘等信息。免费展示最新最全的电气行业供求信息。中国电气网(以客户为上帝,以免费模式为核心为客户提供最大化增值服务。“客户的需要就是我们的需要”,切它网致力于倾听、挖掘与满足做生意人的网络推广需求,坚持以用户需求为导向,希望呈现给您的每一条信息、每一笔交易、每一次活动、每一个页面都是令您满意的。中国电气网(每日向会员提供众多的商业信息和推荐大量信用良好的资信企业,为行业经济活动提供参考。由于独特的市场定位和深度的服务内容,网站的日访问量保持稳定的增长,已成为商家沟通、交流、发布及获取信息的重要渠道。服务就是一切,您满意的微笑就是我们最大的回报选择中国电气网(的好处:1、提升企业形象和展示产品;2、庞大的访问量;3、优质的服务;4、及时有效的商业咨讯;5、全方位的信息展示;6、最简单的发布系统;CHINA TRADE