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The China Fire Engineering Network was established in August 2013 and was re-launched on June 18, 2014. As a new member of the Chinese fire protection family, China Fire Engineering Network will strive to make its due contribution to the Chinese fire protection industry. CHINA TRADE

The advantages of China Fire Engineering Network:CHINA TRADE

First, the name is good. This website has the industry top-level domain name, the name is loud, called export, get the hand, unique, unforgettable. It is the preferred website for firefighters, firefighters, firefighters and firefighters. CHINA TRADE

Second, the platform is good. The business platform of China Fire Engineering Network is simple and easy to use, easy to use, advanced in concept, smooth in use and smooth in business. It is a smart choice for business people engaged in fire business activities. CHINA TRADE

Three, the content is good. The channel setting and website content of China Fire Engineering Network are carefully constructed, the industry information is timely and comprehensive, the fire protection knowledge is rich, the website development momentum is good, and it constantly attracts more page views, which will create a veritable fire professional website. CHINA TRADE

Four, good guidance. China Fire Engineering Network always adheres to the public welfare and public direction of the website, and always adheres to the principle of social benefit first and economic benefit second, adheres to the professional and responsible network management ideas, and earnestly fulfills its social responsibilities. CHINA TRADE

China fire engineering network slogan: cherish life, pay attention to fire; let the fire of the society go down, let the fire industry fire. CHINA TRADE

China Fire Engineering Network appreciates your concern and support, and is willing to work with you to continue to contribute to the development of China's fire protection industry. CHINA TRADE

China FireProtectionEngineering (Cnfpe)CHINA TRADE

The official domain name is: Cnfpe.comCHINA TRADE

The alternate domain name is: Cnfpe.netCHINA TRADE




中国消防工程网于2013年8月筹备创立,2014年6月18日改版上线试运行。作为中国消防大家庭新成员,中国消防工程网将努力为中国消防事业作出自己应有的贡献。CHINA TRADE

中国消防工程网的优势:CHINA TRADE

一、名字好。本网拥有行业顶级域名,名字响亮,叫得出口、拿得出手,独一无二,过目不忘。是广大消防官兵、消防专业人士、消防志愿者及消防爱好者的首选网站。CHINA TRADE

二、平台好。中国消防工程网的商务平台简单易用,容易上手,理念先进,使用起来心顺手顺,生意更顺。是商务人士从事消防商务活动的睿智之选。CHINA TRADE

三、内容好。中国消防工程网的频道设置和网站内容均为精心打造,行业资讯及时全面,消防知识权威丰富,网站发展势头良好,不断吸引更多浏览量,将打造名符其实的消防专业网站。CHINA TRADE

四、导向好。中国消防工程网永远坚持网站的公益性、公共性方向,始终坚持社会效益第一、经济效益第二的原则,坚持专业、负责的办网思路,认真履行社会责任。CHINA TRADE

中国消防工程网口号:珍爱生命,关注消防;让危害社会之火下去,让消防事业火起来。CHINA TRADE

中国消防工程网感谢您的关注与支持,愿与您一起,一如既往为中国消防事业发展助力。CHINA TRADE

中国消防工程网ChinaFireProtectionEngineering(简称Cnfpe)CHINA TRADE

官方域名为:Cnfpe.comCHINA TRADE

备用域名为:Cnfpe.netCHINA TRADE