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Environmental Protection Network ( and Internet listed company - Net Sheng Business Bao (002095), to create a domestic professional, authoritative environmental industry e-commerce platform! The environmental protection network is committed to more accurate network promotion and promotion for environmental protection industry enterprises, to build a comprehensive online marketing platform for the majority of enterprises, to provide rich and authoritative industry information, to promote exchanges between industry people, so that the entire industry chain The communication trade is simpler, saving the company's marketing and logistics costs. From the perspective of economic globalization and the rapid development of e-commerce, more companies will choose this kind of low-cost, wide-ranging and high-efficiency network marketing propaganda model in the future, which will be the must for future development of enterprises. The way through. The environmental protection network has the ability, confidence and responsibility to make its own efforts for the enterprises in the environmental protection industry to better use e-commerce to expand their business. The strong professional business platform of the environmental protection network will greatly help enterprises to increase their visibility, establish a brand image, save publicity costs, and seize market opportunities! CHINA TRADE




环保网(携手互联网上市公司——网盛生意宝(002095),打造国内专业、权威的环保行业电子商务平台!环保网致力于为环保行业企业进行更精准的网络宣传和推广,为广大企业搭建功能全面的网上营销平台,提供丰富、权威的行业资讯,促进行业人士之间的交流,使整个产业链各个环节的沟通贸易更简单,节省企业的营销和物流成本。从经济全球化和电子商务迅速发展的趋势来看,未来会有更多的企业选择这种成本低、信息面广、效益高的网络营销宣传模式,这也将会是未来企业发展壮大的必经之路。环保网有能力、有信心、更有责任为环保行业的众多企业更好的运用电子商务拓展业务做出自己的努力。环保网强大的专业商务平台将极大地帮助企业提高知名度,树立品牌形象,节约宣传成本,抢占市场商机!CHINA TRADE