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China Electric Appliances Network is affiliated to Wenzhou Bunny Network Technology Co., Ltd., and the Electrical Capital Network provides you with free electrical information release and display. We are based in Liushi Town, the capital of China's electrical appliances, and radiate across the country, covering electric power. Electronic appliances, vacuum circuit breakers, complete sets of switchgear cabinets, low-voltage electrical appliances, explosion-proof electrical appliances and other types and brand manufacturers, with China's electrical and electrical city core enterprises and product resources, to provide you with new product release, to product inventory, to buy product information Tender, aggregate quality products and enterprises, and let electrical purchases to the place of origin. China Electrical Appliances Network provides you with marketing website construction, brand marketing planning, search engine optimization promotion, WeChat public number, WeChat applet, new retail service solutions, mobile internet marketing services, and building a leading traditional electrical enterprise to embrace the Internet + network Promote the implementation platform. Learn about China's electrical capital: China's electrical capital was officially established in 2001. The China Machinery Industry Federation officially named and sent Yueqing Liuzhou as the “China Electric Capital” during the “First China Electrical Culture Festival” held by the People’s Government of Yueqing City, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Since then, the "China Electric Capital" has been officially named and settled in Liushi Town, Yueqing City. Liuzhou City is known as “China Electric Power Capital”, “China Circuit Breaker Production Base” and “China Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment Production Base”. China Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. is the industrial electrical production base with the largest production scale, the highest market share and the most complete product range in China. CHINA TRADE




中国电器之都网隶属于温州兔八哥网络科技有限公司,电器之都网为你免费提供电气信息发布及展示,我们以中国电器之都柳市镇为据点,辐射全国,涵盖电力电气,电子电器,真空断路器,成套箱变开关柜,低压电器,防爆电器等种类及品牌生产企业,以中国电工电器城核心企业和产品资源,为你提供新品供应发布,去产品库存,求购产品信息招标,聚合优质产品和企业,让电气采购到原产地。中国电器之都网为你提供营销网站建设,品牌营销策划,搜索引擎优化推广,微信公众号,微信小程序,新零售服务解决方案,移动互联网营销服务,打造领先的传统电气企业拥抱互联网+网络推广执行平台。了解中国电器之都:中国电器之都于2001年正式挂牌成立。由中国机械工业联合会在浙江省温州市乐清市人民政府举办的“首届中国电器文化节”期间正式命名并派员授予乐清柳市为“中国电器之都”。自此,“中国电器之都”正式命名并落户乐清市柳市镇。柳市被称为“中国电器之都”、“中国断路器生产基地”“中国防爆电器生产基地”。中国电器之都是中国生产规模最大、市场占有率最高、产品种类最齐全的工业电器生产基地。CHINA TRADE