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China Hardware Network ( was established in August 2006, located in the international metropolis "Chongqing", we focus on serving the hardware and electrical industry. Since the website was founded, it has become the most authoritative and influential large-scale e-commerce interactive platform in the hardware industry with the goal of transforming and upgrading China's hardware industry. After continuous development, it has accumulated a large number of SMEs' procurement and promotion trends, matching upstream and downstream, and collected data on tens of millions of SMEs nationwide and supply and demand information of upstream and downstream industry chains. Whether it is a single-day visit or a number of customers, it is second to none in similar websites in the industry. Based on corporate brand and product promotion, the platform focuses on the establishment of enterprise sales channels and the establishment of supply and demand relationships within the industry, and builds business opportunity platforms and product trading platforms for industry users. In addition, the company also focuses on researching SEO services, and analyzes various development indicators such as users, website traffic and market revenues, and obtains high search engines such as Baidu, 360, Soso, and Sogou. Exposure and high traffic volume allow domestic SMEs to deliver a single return. With the mission of helping our customers succeed, we provide professional trading information docking and trade matching. “Better than Baidu, we understand business more than Alibaba.” Advantages make the hardware business easier! CHINA TRADE




中国五金网(成立于2006年8月,坐落于国际大都市“重庆”,我们专注于服务于五金机电行业。自网站创办以来,就以实现中国五金行业转型升级为目标,一步步发展成为五金行业内最权威、最有影响力的大型电子商务互动平台。经过不断的发展,积累了众多中小企业采购、推广趋势、上下游匹配撮合,收录了全国上千万家中小企业数据以及上下游产业链供求信息。无论是单日访问量,还是客户数量,在行业同类网站中都属首屈一指。平台以企业品牌与产品推广为基础,注重企业销售渠道拓展与产业内供需关系建立,为行业用户搭建生意机会平台与产品交易平台。除此之外公司还专注研究搜索引擎优化服务,通过从用户、网站流量和市场营收等各项发展指标数据进行分析,在百度、360、搜搜、搜狗等各大搜索引擎上,获得高曝光和高流量,让国内中小型企业一份投放,多重回报。我们以帮助客户成功为使命,提供专业的买卖信息对接及贸易撮合,“比百度更懂商机,比阿里巴巴更懂行业”优势特点,让五金生意更简单!CHINA TRADE