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China Paper Network (CHINAPAPER.NET) was established in 2002 as the leading paper portal in China. Since its establishment, it has always been based on the paper industry. Relying on a strong network platform and advanced search technology, we will provide dedicated services to producers, distributors and end users in the paper industry; help enterprises establish brand image, build a platform for honesty and supply of enterprises; help buyers and sellers to achieve effective communication and trade. . As the leading news source in the paper industry, China Paper Network (CHINAPAPER.NET) Information Center has long maintained close contact with various government and enterprise units, and has the first-hand information to provide the fastest and most comprehensive industry information. China Paper Network (CHINAPAPER.NET) data center, with a professional data analysis team and industry experts, think tanks, real-time collection of paper industry dynamic data, to obtain the most authoritative, most accurate data analysis, the trend of the pulse industry. As the most comprehensive and popular forum in the paper industry, China Paper Network Forum (BBS.CHINAPAPER.NET) ranks first in Baidu search with high click-through rate. China Paper Library (CHINAPAPER.ORG) is the only library-type site in the domestic paper industry, providing a large number of professional papers and scarce materials that are highly respected by users. The users of China Paper Network (CHINAPAPER.NET) cover all papermaking upstream and downstream industries such as printing and packaging, forestry bamboo and wood, paper chemicals, machinery and equipment, sewage treatment, waste paper recycling processing and raw paper processing. Many companies have completed transactions through the online trading platform of China Paper Network, which has doubled sales performance. CHINA TRADE




中国纸业网(CHINAPAPER.NET)成立于2002年,作为中国领先的纸业门户网站,成立至今始终立足于造纸行业。依托强有力的网络平台及先进的搜索技术,为造纸行业的生产商、经销商及终端用户提供竭诚服务;帮助企业树立品牌形象,为企业搭建诚信供需平台;帮助买卖双方实现有效地沟通和贸易。中国纸业网(CHINAPAPER.NET)资讯中心作为造纸行业内首屈一指的新闻源,长久以来与各政企单位保持着密切联系,掌握第一手新鲜资讯,提供最快、最全的行业资讯。中国纸业网(CHINAPAPER.NET)数据中心,拥有专业的数据分析团队和业内资深专家智囊,实时搜集造纸行业动态数据,得出最权威、最精确的数据分析,把脉行业趋势。中国纸业网论坛(BBS.CHINAPAPER.NET)作为造纸行业内模块最全、人气最旺的论坛,以超高的点击率位列百度搜索首位。中国纸业文库(CHINAPAPER.ORG)是国内造纸行业唯一的图书馆型站点,提供大量专业论文和稀缺素材被广大用户所推崇。中国纸业网(CHINAPAPER.NET)的用户覆盖印刷包装、林产竹木、造纸化学品、机械设备、污水治理、废纸回收加工及原纸加工等所有造纸上下游产业。众多企业通过中国纸业网在线交易平台完成交易,实现销售业绩的倍增。CHINA TRADE