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China Semiconductor Lighting Network was established in October 2004 and is the only online information portal for National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering. Since its establishment, the website has always been a service industry, leading the industry, and transmitting voices. With the growth of industry companies and LED people, the website has witnessed the growth of the entire Chinese semiconductor lighting industry. Under the guidance of the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Coordination Leading Group Office and the support of its members, after more than ten years of development, China Semiconductor Lighting Network has become the most authoritative comprehensive service platform in the industry. CHINA TRADE

With the rapid development of the LED industry, China's semiconductor lighting network has also undergone several improvements and improvements, forming a message, enterprise , the product, supply and demand, talent, production and research and other channels for the development direction of the industry's comprehensive service-oriented platform. As a service-oriented tool that combines the Internet as the main service means and online and offline, under the new era, China Semiconductor Lighting Network will accelerate its own pace of development and continuously improve the platform's service means and service capabilities to promote industry continuity. Healthy development is our responsibility, with the historical mission of “building a healthy LED ecosystem”, and work together with the industry's high-quality resources to create a bright future for the LED industry! CHINA TRADE




中国半导体照明网成立于2004年10月,是国家半导体照明工程唯一的网上信息门户。网站自创建以来,一直以服务产业、引领行业、传递声音的为自己的使命,伴随着行业企业、LED人的成长,见证了整个中国半导体照明产业的成长历程。在国家半导体照明工程协调领导小组办公室指导和成员单位的大力支持下,经过十几年的发展,中国半导体照明网已成为行业最权威的综合性服务平台。CHINA TRADE

伴随着LED产业的快速发展,中国半导体照明网也经历了数次改进与提升,形成了如今以资讯、企业、产品、供求、人才、产研等若干频道为发展方向的行业综合服务型平台。作为以互联网为主要服务手段、线上线下相结合的服务型工具,在新的时代背景下,中国半导体照明网将加快自身地发展步伐,不断提升平台的服务手段与服务能力,以促进行业持续健康发展为己任,以“共建LED健康生态圈”为历史使命,携手行业优质资源,共创LED产业的美好明天!CHINA TRADE