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China Standard Parts Network was established in 2003. It is one of the websites of Hangzhou Golden Eagle Technology Co., Ltd., relying on its core Internet products Fortune Bao, through professional services and advanced network technology, to build professional supply and demand for standard parts enterprises. The platform provides a full range of e-commerce services. With its accurate positioning, professional R&D team, strong hardware support and perfect service, China Standard Parts Network has become the leading standard industry portal in China. As a brand of China's standard parts website, China Standard Parts Network has gathered a large number of supply and demand user groups and professional technical forum experts in the industry through in-depth marketing and service, and has become a valuable marketing industry in the standard parts industry. The platform and the highly popular and high-level communication platform have received the attention and attention of many domestic and foreign suppliers and buyers. China Standard Parts Network not only relies on Fortune Bao to provide users with thoughtful online marketing solutions, but also makes full use of the strong traditional marketing mode - exhibitions, supply and demand meetings, and multi-channel online services complemented by the main network. Realize the combination and interaction of online and offline. Let enterprises go to the network and let the network gather enterprises. We are convinced that: strong technology + perfect service + support of the majority of users = 100% success, China Standard Parts Network is willing to develop with more professional standards and more intimate services. Do your part to make suggestions for the growth of the company. We look forward to working with you to continuously develop and innovate and win more online trade miracles! CHINA TRADE




中华标准件网建立于2003年,是杭州金雕科技有限公司旗下的网站之一,依托其核心互联网产品财富宝,通过专业服务及先进的网络技术,为标准件企业搭建专业的供需平台,提供全方位的电子商务服务。目前凭借着准确的定位,专业的研发团队,强大的硬件支持和完美的服务,中华标准件网已成为国内领先的标准件行业门户。作为中国地区标准件网站的品牌,中华标准件网通过开展深入营销和服务,短短几年的时间聚集了行业内庞大的供需用户群和专业的技术论坛专家,成为标准件行业有价值的营销平台和高人气、高水准的交流平台,得到国内外众多供应商、采购商的关注和重视。中华标准件网不仅依托财富宝为用户提供周到的网上营销解决方案,还充分利用雄厚的传统营销模式--展会、供需见面会,开展多渠道的网上为主网下为辅的全方位服务,真正实现了网上网下结合、互动。让企业走向网络,让网络汇聚企业,我们深信:雄厚的技术+完美的服务+广大用户的支持=100%的成功,中华标准件网愿以更专业的水准,更贴心的服务为企业的发展尽一份力量,为企业的壮大出谋划策。我们期待与您携手不断开拓创新,赢造更多网上贸易奇迹!CHINA TRADE