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Wuxi Changxin Technology Co., Ltd. (Chinese domain name: Stainless Steel Tiandi International Domain Name: was established in July 2004 and is now a leading stainless steel industry portal in China. mainstream media. With the strongest stainless steel distribution center in East China-Wuxi Oriental Stainless Steel Market as the strong backing, combined with Foshan Lanshi Stainless Steel Market, Shanghai Baoxiang Stainless Steel Market, Tianjin Stainless Steel Market, Taiyuan Stainless Steel Market, Shandong, Shenyang and other stainless steel markets throughout the country, it is the stainless steel industry. Manufacturers, distributors, end customers and related companies have built a solid and huge trading platform to provide customers with timely and rich information and information services, introducing stainless steel price quotes, domestic and international macroeconomics, manufacturer dynamics, market news, corporate interviews and Trend analysis and forecasting, etc. In addition, Stainless Steel World is the only media unit in China that has an official background and is designated by the local government to collect stainless steel indexes, which facilitates the government's data statistics. The network is the most extensive and professional stainless steel e-commerce platform in China, and it has built a comprehensive information system from upstream raw materials to terminal demand and from all parts of the country to foreign regions. Timely and accurate stainless steel professional information, let customers understand the policy, information, market, dynamics, trends, analysis and other information related to stainless steel. covers a wide range of customers in the stainless steel industry chain. It covers the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, North America and other regions, with a daily visit of 100,000. The network was revised in 2009 and is moving towards diversification. In order to let customers know about stainless steel information for the first time, the website has opened a mobile phone SMS platform, mobile Internet WAP online platform, stainless steel large community communication platform (the first in China), and a list of popular promotion platforms and other column service projects. At the same time, it provides an important information reference for the procurement of downstream enterprises. CHINA TRADE

In addition, Stainless Steel World provides customers with a broader promotional space, allowing you to enjoy information and business opportunities while expanding your corporate reputation. Stainless Steel Tiandi people always adhere to the principle of down-to-earth, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence, and keep the promise. We must do everything well, carefully serve every customer, and earnestly step out every footprint! CHINA TRADE




汇坚集团旗下公司—无锡长信科技有限公司(中文域名:不锈钢天地国际域名成立于2004年7月,现今在中国是一家排名领先的不锈钢行业门户网站,主流媒体。以华东地区最大的不锈钢集散地—无锡东方不锈钢市场为坚强后盾,联合佛山澜石不锈钢市场、上海宝翔不锈钢市场、天津不锈钢市场、太原不锈钢市场、山东、沈阳等全国各地不锈钢市场,为不锈钢行业的生产商、经销商、终端客户及相关企业搭建起稳固而庞大的交易平台,为客户提供及时而丰富的资讯信息服务,介绍不锈钢价格行情、国内外宏观经济、厂商动态、市场快讯、企业专访以及走势分析预测等等。另外不锈钢天地是国内唯一一家具有官方背景,由当地政府指定的,负责不锈钢指数采集的媒体单位,为政府的数据统计工作提供了便利。该网是目前国内不锈钢信息覆盖面最广、最为专业的不锈钢电子商务平台,构建了从上游原料到终端需求、从国内各地到国外各区的全方位信息体系。及时准确的不锈钢专业信息,让客户了解政策、资讯、行情、动态、走势、分析等各种与不锈钢相关的信息。天地网囊括了不锈钢产业链上各个环节的客户群,地域涉及内地、港澳台、韩国、日本、北美等多个地区,日访问达100000人次。该网于09年改版,向着多元化迈进。为让客户第一时间了解不锈钢资讯,网站开辟了手机短信平台,手机上网WAP在线平台,不锈钢大型社区交流平台(国内首家),榜上有名推广平台等多个专栏服务项目。同时为下游企业的采购提供了重要的信息参考。CHINA TRADE

另外不锈钢天地为客户提供了更广阔的宣传推广空间,让您在享受资讯、寻求商机的同时还可以扩大企业知名度。不锈钢天地人始终坚守脚踏实地、不断创新、追求卓越、重守承诺的原则,认真做好每一件事,认真服务好每一个客户,认真踏出每一个足迹!CHINA TRADE