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Pump and Valve Business Network ( is a large-scale pump and valve industry portal for chemical, pharmaceutical, food, biological, petroleum, agricultural, hospital, college, quality inspection, disease control and other fields. The professional users create a global network marketing service platform, and are committed to building a bridge of information interaction for pumps and related companies at home and abroad to realize business opportunities for customers! Pump Valve Business Network has accumulated excellent service experience and huge customer resources, with nearly 80,000 registered members. Relying on the rich information service experience of Zhejiang Xingwang Baomingtong Network Co., Ltd. and the strong strength of the Internet field, it has become a large professional website in the pump and valve industry. Pump and Valve Business Network provides a wide range of services for industry users in a unique mode to meet the needs of users for comprehensive marketing and promotion. Convenient and fast online trading platforms, professional pump and valve magazines, industry exhibitions, etc. Expand the breadth and depth of services. This station maintains close cooperation with domestic and foreign media and establishes a huge information service system. It is an influential professional online media in the field of pump and valve. CHINA TRADE




泵阀商务网(,是一家大型的泵阀行业门户网站,主要面向化工、制药、食品、生物、石油、农业、医院、学院、质检、疾控等领域的专业用户创建全球网络营销服务平台,致力于为国内外泵阀及相关企业搭建信息互动的桥梁,为客户实现商机!泵阀商务网积累了卓越的服务经验和数据庞大的客户资源,注册会员近8万个。依托浙江兴旺宝明通网络有限公司丰富的信息服务经验和互联网领域的雄厚实力,已成为泵阀行业较大的专业网站。泵阀商务网以独特的模式为行业用户提供丰富的服务,满足用户全面的营销推广的需求,便捷快速的网络交易平台、专业泵阀杂志、行业展会等线上线下多渠道结合,较大限度地扩大服务的广度和深度。本站与国内外媒体保持密切合作,建立庞大的信息服务体系,是泵阀领域具影响力的专业网络媒体。CHINA TRADE