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In 1996, the founder developed the special management software for the trading industry of the bearing industry, and became the predecessor of the ERP software of "Commerce". CHINA TRADE

In 1999, China opened its first bearing industry website CHINA TRADE

In 2004, the company entered the INTERNET server service bearing industry and popularized the management of bearing invoicing in the Internet platform. Currently, all of Yulian's customers are based on cloud server services. CHINA TRADE

In 2005, the European and American bearing network became the exclusive advertising agency of BEARINGNET.NET China. CHINA TRADE

In 2009, the spot search platform was opened,, and the information was automatically provided by the "Commerce" software. Distribute accurate, timely, and honest corporate spot information for the industry. CHINA TRADE

In 2012, the product manual website was established to select products for customers in the service industry. CHINA TRADE

In 2014, we launched the three-in-one website service of WeChat+Mobile+Online Mall. CHINA TRADE

In 2015, the company's e-commerce platform went online to provide B2B payment and settlement tools for the bearing industry. CHINA TRADE




1996年创始人开发轴承行业商贸企业专用管理软件,成为《商贸通》ERP软件前身。CHINA TRADE

1999年开通中国第一家轴承行业网站。CHINA TRADE

2004年投入INTERNET服务器服务轴承行业,普及在互联网平台管理轴承进销存。目前,佰联的所有客户已全部基于云服务器服务。CHINA TRADE

2005年牵手欧美轴承网成为BEARINGNET.NET中国独家广告代理商。CHINA TRADE

2009年开通现货搜索平台,,信息由佰联“商贸通”软件自动提供。为行业传播精准、及时、诚信、的企业现货信息。CHINA TRADE

2012年成立产品手册网站,服务行业客户的产品选型。CHINA TRADE

2014年推出微信+手机+网上商城的三合一建站服务。CHINA TRADE

2015年佰联电商平台上线运行,为轴承行业提供B2B支付与结算工具。CHINA TRADE