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Security Exhibition Network ( is affiliated to Zhejiang Xingwang Baomingtong Network Co., Ltd. It is one of the professional network service providers that entered the security industry earlier in China. After more than 10 years of continuous rapid development, it has laid the cornerstone of professional service quality, accumulated rich and valuable network marketing service experience and a large and high-quality customer group. It has more than 100,000 registered members and more than 80,000 corporate members throughout the country. In many provinces and cities, the daily average page visits (PV) is nearly 300,000. It has won a series of honors such as “China's Top 100 E-Commerce Websites” for many years, and has become a domestically influential exchange of security supply and demand. Online business platform. Security Exhibition Network is the organizer of "Security @中国", "Security Engineering Procurement Encyclopedia", "Jiangnan Security", "Security New Vision" magazine, has the responsibility, obligation and ability to build a small and medium enterprise network brand. Providing rich services to industry users in a unique mode, meeting the needs of users for comprehensive marketing and promotion, providing information consulting services, integrated media, network technology and network marketing solutions. (The data source is the system background)CHINA TRADE




安防展览网(隶属浙江兴旺宝明通网络有限公司,是国内较早进入安防行业的网络应用专业服务商之一。经过10余年的持续快速发展,奠定了专业服务品质的基石,积累了丰富宝贵的网络营销服务经验和庞大优质的客户群体,已拥有注册会员10万余家,企业会员8万余家,遍布全国多个省市地区,日均页面访问量(PV)近30万,连续多年获得“中国行业电子商务网站100强”称号等一系列荣誉,已成为国内影响力较大的安防供求双方交流交易的网上商务平台。安防展览网是《安防@中国》、《安防工程采购大全》、《江南安防》、《安防新视界》杂志期刊主办方,有责任、有义务、有能力打造中小型企业网络品牌。以独特的模式为行业用户提供丰富的服务,满足用户全面营销推广需求,提供信息咨询服务、综合传媒、网络技术和网络营销解决方案。(数据来源为系统后台)CHINA TRADE