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DESCRIPTION[ENGLISH] is part of Anhui Channel Network Co., Ltd., headquartered in Beijing, and is one of the platforms that China used to engage in Internet investment. Since its inception in 2003, has been committed to building a good communication platform between entrepreneurs and corporate businesses, providing entrepreneurs with massive and high-quality entrepreneurial information. In the course of many years of development, has repeatedly launched four-core four-core option mechanism, first-rate payment mechanism and other eye-catching service products, helping entrepreneurs to easily start a business and open a shop with peace of mind. After more than 10 years of precipitation, has now become a comprehensive investment information publishing platform with the characteristics of “establishment early, full service, excellent resources and good results”. Established early: has established a good reputation in the industry and user groups through more than ten years of industry precipitation, and has become a senior platform with high reputation and high viscosity. Over the years, the industry has precipitated, which has a huge data base and solid foundation for the “big data operation system” that is committed to. Full service: The service spans multiple levels of enterprise services and user services, and strives to provide refined and effective services for customers from multiple dimensions such as product, operation and maintenance, and planning. At the same time, good service is based on the high-quality elite team owned by Most of them have many years of experience in the investment industry, or have the background of domestic first-line marketing agencies and Internet organizations. Excellent resources: is a resource-intensive platform. At the entrepreneurial service level, strengthen project screening efforts, establish a sound and strict project review process, and create an honest and green environment for entrepreneurs. At the merchant service level, organize various online and offline promotion channels for merchants to improve service effectiveness and help the dream of the world. Good results: Through the research and development of intelligent tools such as Tongbao, IM instant communication tools, mobile phone customer sources, etc., the business-user communication channels have been opened from various fields to achieve deep access to multiple scenes and bring traffic quality. CHINA TRADE




89178.com隶属于安徽省渠道网络股份有限公司,总部位于北京,是中国早期从事于互联网招商的平台之一。自2003年成立伊始,89178.com便一直致力于搭建创业者与企业商家的良好沟通平台,为创业者提供海量而优质的创业资讯。在多年的发展进程中,89178.com多次推出四审四核选项机制、先行赔付机制等令人瞩目的服务产品,帮创业者轻松创业、安心开店。经10余年沉淀,89178.com现已成为具备“成立早、服务全、资源优、成效佳”等特征的综合性招商信息发布平台。成立早:89178.com通过十多年行业沉淀,于行业、用户群中树立良好口碑,成为具有高美誉度、高粘性的资深平台。多年行业沉淀,也令89178.com拥有庞大的数据资源,为89178.com致力建设的“大数据运营系统”夯实坚实根基。服务全:服务横跨企业服务、用户服务等多元层面,力求从产品、运维、策划等多个维度,为客群提供精细化的有效服务。同时,良好的服务基于89178.com所拥有的高素质精英战队,他们大多具有多年的招商行业从业经验,或者具有国内一线营销机构、互联网机构从业背景。资源优:89178.com是一个资源集中型的平台。在创业者服务层面,加强项目甄别力度,建立健全严格的项目审核流程,为创业者塑造诚信、绿色的择项环境。在商家服务层面,为商家组织线上、线下等多类型的推广渠道,提高服务成效,助力渠达天下的梦想。成效佳:通过通宝、IM及时通讯工具、手机客户源等智能化工具的研发,从多个领域打通了商家-用户的沟通渠道,实现多场景的深度触达,带来流量品质化。CHINA TRADE