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888 Spring Information Network” is a professional information website for spring enterprises. It has obtained the professional certification of Hongdun 315 of Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and has been promoted at home and abroad. This website was established in April 2002. Located in the Wangjing business district, it has specially hired Professor Zhang Yinghui, an authoritative expert in the spring industry, as a technical consultant. It is currently the only professional information website for the spring industry in China.CHINA TRADE

“888 Spring Information Network” has a large amount of user visits. It has the characteristics of wide information, many service items and reasonable charges. Since its launch, it has set up a bridge for information communication between the supply and demand sides of the spring, which is very popular among spring manufacturers and users.CHINA TRADE

"888 Spring "Information Network" has already gained a high reputation in the spring industry, and has been awarded the Spring Failure Committee of the Failure Analysis Branch of the China Mechanical Engineering Society, the Spring Technology Group of the Mechanical Design Society, the Spring Professional Association of the China Machinery General Parts Industry Association, and the General Machinery Industry. The National Spring Standard Technical Committee of the Parts Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center is unanimously supported.CHINA TRADE

Site FeaturesCHINA TRADE

Professional 888 Spring Information Network is the only professional information website for spring industry in China. It has obtained the professional certification of Hongdun 315 of Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce, and has received unanimous support from Spring Association and Spring Society.CHINA TRADE

Technical strength 888 "Spring Information Network" specially hired Professor Zhang Yinghui, an authoritative expert in the spring industry, as a technical consultant.CHINA TRADE

Service-oriented "888 Spring Information Network" not only has a large number of information on the spring industry, but also agents such as Wanwang and Baidu. Website promotion service.CHINA TRADE

Immediately strong "888 Spring Information Network" gives full play to the advantages of the Internet without geographical and time constraints, making the spring network and your purchase decision the closest.CHINA TRADE

The internationally-connected "888 Spring Information Network" has been registered and promoted at home and abroad, providing you with a bridge of communication to help you participate in the international market.CHINA TRADE

Data Complete "888 Spring Information Network" has A complete database of enterprises and products covers all aspects of the spring industry. These resources are transformed into easy-to-query layouts in a timely and efficient manner for buyers to query.CHINA TRADE

Business Opportunity "888 Spring Information "By constantly promote their own, so that more new customers know us. Buying shopping guide function lets the user take the initiative to visit our website to find information, so that our enterprise network members are concerned about more customers. CHINA TRADE



888弹簧信息网”是以弹簧企业为服务对象的专业信息网站,取得了北京市工商局的红盾315专业认证,在国内、国际都进行了推广。本网站成立于2002年4月,地处望京商圈,专门聘请了弹簧行业权威专家张英会教授为技术顾问,是目前国内唯一的弹簧行业专业信息网站。CHINA TRADE

“888弹簧信息网”具有购买用户访问量大、信息面广、服务项目多、收费合理等特点。自推出以来,为弹簧供需双方架起了一道信息沟通的桥梁,深受广大弹簧厂家和用户的欢迎。CHINA TRADE

“888弹簧信息网”已经在弹簧业内具有了很高的知名度,并得到了中国机械工程学会失效分析分会弹簧失效委、机械设计学会弹簧技术学组、中国机械通用零部件工业协会弹簧专业协会和机械工业通用零部件产品质量监督检测中心全国弹簧标准技术委员会的一致支持。CHINA TRADE


专业性强“888弹簧信息网”是国内唯一的弹簧行业专业信息网站,取得了北京市工商局的红盾315专业认证,并得到了弹簧协会和弹簧学会的一致支持。CHINA TRADE

技术性强“888弹簧信息网”专门聘请了弹簧行业权威专家张英会教授为技术顾问。CHINA TRADE

服务性强“888弹簧信息网”不仅拥有大量弹簧行业的信息,还代理万网、百度等网站建站、网站宣传服务。CHINA TRADE

即时性强“888弹簧信息网”充分发挥互联网没有地域、时间限制的优势,让弹簧网与您的购买决策距离最近。CHINA TRADE

国际接轨“888弹簧信息网”在国内、国际都进行了注册和宣传,为您架起一道沟通的桥梁,帮助您参与国际市场。CHINA TRADE

数据完整“888弹簧信息网”拥有齐全的企业及产品数据库,涵盖了弹簧行业的各各方面。这些资源及时有效地转化成易于查询的版面,便于买家查询。CHINA TRADE

商机无限“888弹簧信息网”通过不断宣传自身,让更多的新客户认识我们。导购功能让求购用户主动登陆我们的网站寻找信息,使我们的网员企业被更多的客户所关注。CHINA TRADE