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The Global UAV Network was founded in 2005. It is an e-commerce platform for the UAV industry founded and operated by Ifei Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., focusing on the UAV field, serving the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry, and is China. The e-commerce B2B platform of the drone industry with early start, rich data, large customer volume and wide customer base. The global drone network has been committed to providing government enterprises and institutions with product procurement, bidding, sales, brand promotion, application support, talent recruitment, personnel training, news and other services. Since its establishment 10 years ago, it has developed into a leading B2B portal for the drone industry. CHINA TRADE

In September 2015, the global drone network launched the "Global UAV" e-magazineCHINA TRADE

In September 2015, the global drone network launched a new domain name https://www. 81uav.cnCHINA TRADE

In October 2013, he successfully hosted the "I and UAV" Essay Competition with Sina MilitaryCHINA TRADE

August 2012 Global UAV Online LineCHINA TRADE

< p>In August 2008, the National Defense Technology Network drone channel was launchedCHINA TRADE

In July 2005, the Defense Technology Forum UAV Forum was launchedCHINA TRADE




全球无人机网创建于2005年,是我飞科技(深圳)有限公司创办并运营的无人机行业电子商务平台,专注于无人机领域,服务于行业上下游企业,是中国起步较早、数据丰富、客户量较大、客户群较广的无人机行业电子商务B2B平台。全球无人机网一直致力于为政府企事业单位提供无人机的产品采购、招标、销售、品牌推广、应用支持、人才招聘、人员培训、新闻资讯等服务。成立10年来,已发展成为无人机行业领先的B2B门户网站。CHINA TRADE

2015年9月全球无人机网推出《全球无人机》电子杂志CHINA TRADE

2015年9月全球无人机网启用新域名https://www.81uav.cnCHINA TRADE

2013年10月与新浪军事成功举办“我和无人机”征文大赛CHINA TRADE

2012年8月全球无人机网上线CHINA TRADE

2008年8月国防科技网无人机频道上线CHINA TRADE

2005年7月国防科技论坛无人机论坛上线CHINA TRADE