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Business Information Network-Business Information Port ( was founded in May 2016 in Henan Liugui Business Service Co., Ltd., and is committed to providing reliable services for small and micro enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households and individuals engaged in commercial activities. Supply and demand information docking platform. The service covers thousands of categories in more than 60 industries, including raw materials, industrial products, consumer goods and business services. As a bridge for small and micro enterprises to expand their business and seek business opportunities, provides commercial operators with a "professional, efficient, low-cost" comprehensive business solution, and has become the Internet tool of choice for many customers. At the same time, the business information network is the advocate and practitioner of the long tail marketing, “small stream, gathering into the river”, from the “two-eighth law”, when 80% of enterprises are fiercely competing for 80% market share. The remaining 20% of the market has become the blue ocean. In the past, this was a market that was not valued or valued. Nowadays, enterprises can use the Henan information network platform to occupy a considerable market share at a very low cost. Practice has proved that the most effective way to long tail marketing is to subdivide your target users through multiple dimensions, and then subdivide! Then provide targeted presentations for each type of segmented users. Tips and suggestions can be used to segment customers by the following dimensions: 1. Geographical dimensions can be refined to municipal, district, county, and even township, street level 2, crowd attributes. , male, female, old, young, young people, adults, students, white-collar workers, seoer enthusiasts, attention, etc. 3, function expansion, such as a plaster can be OEM, OEM, generation, commissioned processing If the relevant direction is expanded, if you can make full use of the combination of multiple dimensions, the effect will be better! “Opportunities are only for those who have a keen determination and reliable information.” Business Information Network is willing to be your reliable information provider! CHINA TRADE




商务信息网-商务信息港(年5月创立于河南刘贵商务服务有限公司,致力于为小微企业、个体工商户及从事商业活动的个人提供可靠的供求信息对接平台。服务涵盖原材料、工业品、消费品、商务服务四大门类共60多个行业的数千个品类。作为小微企业拓展业务与寻求商业机会的桥梁,须知网为商业从业者提供了“专业、高效、低成本”的做生意全面解决方案,成为众多客户首选的互联网工具。同时商务信息网是长尾营销的倡导者和践行者,“涓涓细流,汇聚成河”,从“二八定律”看当80%的企业都在为了争夺80%的市场份额而激烈竞争时,剩下20%的市场便成了蓝海。在以前这是不被重视或没有条件重视的市场,如今企业可以借助河南信息网平台,以极低的成本占据可观的市场份额。实践证明,长尾营销最有效的方法就是通过多种维度将你的目标用户细分,再细分!然后为每一类细分用户提供针对性的宣讲,须知网建议可以通过以下维度细分客户:1、地理维度,可以细化到市级、区县级、甚至乡镇、街道级2、人群属性,男、女,老、少,青年人、成年人、学生、白领、seoer爱好者、关注着等3、功能拓展,比如一个做膏药贴牌的可以从代工、OEM、代生产、委托加工等相关方向拓展如果能充分利用多个维度的组合,则效果更佳!“机会只属于那些拥有敏锐决断力又掌握了可靠信息的人”商务信息网愿意成为您的可靠信息提供者!CHINA TRADE