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The company adheres to the business philosophy of “Sincerity, Integrity and Investment”. The main business extends from the traditional advertising company at the beginning of the business to operating software services, software development, IT services, e-commerce, biotechnology, and electronic product processing. Group companies with diversified businesses such as real estate, ecotourism development and furniture. The business covers Internet information services, website operations, advertising media, IT media, IT digital products, bio-pharmaceuticals and other fields. Dozens of its subsidiaries are located in Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Xiamen and other cities with nearly 1,000 employees. CHINA TRADE

There are dozens of branches in 3158 distributed in Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Xiamen and other cities, with nearly 1,000 employees. There are more than 600,000 investment projects in the platform, more than 400,000 merchants, and over 30 million entrepreneurial users who are concerned about the platform. They are also loyal to franchisees and entrepreneurs. CHINA TRADE

Chongqing Yuwuyi Information Technology Co., Ltd. accepted the invitation to attract investment from Chongqing North New District in 2010, and officially settled in Chongqing in December of the same year. Since its establishment, the company has accumulated rich media experience and promotion experience, focusing on entrepreneurs, and providing the cross-regional and cross-industry marketing consulting solutions based on the belief of “being the most trusted entrepreneurial service platform”, from entrepreneurial needs to Resource allocation, from project selection to market positioning, from marketing concepts to business strategies, support small and medium-sized enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and provide e-commerce service platforms for SMEs and entrepreneurs. As a leader in the investment industry, it has a long-term cooperative relationship with nearly 10,000 investment companies, and provides a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs to get rich. CHINA TRADE

Chongqing Yuwuyi Information Technology Co., Ltd., with its agile scientific and technological inspiration, has created a long-standing corporate model, constantly breaking through, innovating and developing, and now it is a well-known enterprise in the industry that truly realizes diversified development. . CHINA TRADE





  公司坚持“信立天下、诚信招商”的经营理念,主营业务从创业之初的传统广告公司延伸发展成为经营软件服务、软件开发、IT服务、电子商务、生物科技、电子产品加工、房地产、生态旅游开发、家具等多元化业务的集团公司。业务涵盖互联网信息服务、网站运营、广告传媒、IT传媒、IT数码产品、生物制药等多个领域。旗下数十家分公司分布北京、成都、广州、厦门等多个城市,员工近千人。CHINA TRADE

        3158旗下数十家分公司分布北京、成都、广州、厦门等多个城市,拥有员工近千人。入驻平台的招商项目超60万个,商家超40万个,关注平台的创业用户超3000万,同时为连锁加盟企业和创业者所忠爱。CHINA TRADE

        重庆叁壹伍捌信息技术有限公司于2010年接受重庆北部新区招商引资邀请,同年12月正式落户重庆。公司成立以来积累了丰富的媒体经验和推广经验,以创业者为中心,本着“做最值得信赖的创业服务平台”的信念,提供跨地域、跨行业的营销顾问解决方案,从创业需求到资源配置、从项目选择到市场定位、从营销理念到经营策略,扶持中小企业做大做强,为中小企业、创业者提供电子商务服务平台。作为招商加盟行业的领跑者,与近万家招商加盟企业有着良好长期合作关系,为创业者提供了大量致富商机。CHINA TRADE

        重庆叁壹伍捌信息技术有限公司凭着敏捷的科技灵感,创建历久不变的企业典范,不断突破、创新发展,如今已经是行业内真正实现多元化发展的知名企业。CHINA TRADE