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China Security Industry Network (referred to as “Industry Network”), supported by the Ministry of Public Security Science and Technology Information Bureau (formerly the Science and Technology Bureau), sponsored by China Security and Protection Products Industry Association, Beijing Yeouido Century Information Technology Co., Ltd., website since 2000 Since its establishment at the end of the year, it has become an authoritative portal in the industry under the strong support of the Science and Technology Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, the Science and Technology Department of the Provincial Public Security Department, the Security Standards Committee, the Certification Center, the Testing Center, the Police Standards Committee, and the security enterprises and user units. website. In order to better play the role of the bridge of the website and serve the whole industry, the website will be completely revised at the end of 2011. After the revision, the China Security and Protection Industry Network will comprehensively integrate effective resources, increase the practical functions of the website, and enhance the overall service of the website. Strength, develop a diversified service system, and work hard to win the trust of customers! CHINA TRADE




中国安防行业网(简称“行业网”),由公安部科技信息化局(原科技局)支持,中国安全防范产品行业协会主办,北京寰岛世纪信息技术有限公司承办,网站自2000年底成立以来,在公安部科信局、各省公安厅科技处、安防标委会、认证中心、检测中心、警标委及广大安防企业、用户单位的大力支持下,已经成为行业内的权威门户网站。为更好地发挥网站的桥梁作用,服务于整个行业,网站于2011年底进行全新改版,改版后的中国安全防范行业网将全方位整合有效资源,加大网站的实用功能,提升网站的整体服务力度,开发多元化服务体系,并为赢得客户信赖而努力!CHINA TRADE