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Nano Electronic Mall was founded in 2004 and is a registered brand of Shanghai Huifen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.; we are determined to develop into the most complete professional instrumentation and non-production materials global procurement supplier in China. The establishment of “Global Purchasing Platform” has always been the direction and mission of Shanghai Huifen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. For this mission, Nano Electronics Mall brings corporate brand and excellent business philosophy and quality service to China, we can stand on customers every day. Think about it, change it, and create it! Thank you, join us to change, create and witness the future! As a professional global sourcing supplier, Shanghai Huifen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. not only has professional technology, complete products and perfect services. And as a company specializing in customer integrated procurement, we are focusing on creating the most well-known brands while pursuing and developing advanced technologies and product lines. The company will expand its product line in 2012 and develop into a well-known e-commerce platform in China. The new operating platform can provide 21 product lines and more than one million products to customers, including: hand tools; power tools; metal processing and material handling; test instruments and instruments; lighting; personal protective equipment; safety and security; , pumps and pipe valves; refrigeration, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. "Development comes from change, Gaofei begins with dreams" is the action guide for Nano Electronics Mall to climb the peak, and is also the concentration of the corporate culture of Nano Electronics Mall. Working at Nanotechnology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is full of opportunities and challenges, but also fun. CHINA TRADE




Nano电子商城创立于2004年,系上海汇分电子科技有限公司注册的品牌;我们立志发展成为中国最专业产品最齐全的仪器仪表,非生产物料全球采购供应商。建立“全球采购平台”这一直是上海汇分电子科技有限公司的方向和使命,为了这使命Nano电子商城将企业品牌及优秀的经营理念、优质的服务带到中国,我们每天都能够站在客户的角度去思考,去改变,去创造!感谢您,陪我们一起去改变、创造及见证未来!上海汇分电子科技有限公司做为一家专业的全球采购供应商,不仅拥有专业的技术,齐全的产品及完善的服务。并且我们作为一个专业为客户集成采购为主的公司,在追求和开发先进的技术和产品线的同时,更加注重的是创造出最知名的品牌。公司将在2012年针对产品线进行扩增,发展成为国内知名的电子商务平台。新的运营平台能够提供21条产品线,百万多种产品给客户,包括:手工具;动力工具;金属加工及物料搬运;测试仪器及仪表;照明;个人防护装备;安全及安防;气动液压、泵及管阀件;制冷、供暖、通风及空调等。“发展源于变化,高飞始于梦想”是Nano电子商城人勇攀高峰的行动指南,也是Nano电子商城企业文化的浓缩。在纳米科技(香港)有限公司工作,既充满了机会与挑战,又富有乐趣。CHINA TRADE