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Shenzhen Fukui Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd.'s website electronic component trading network ( referred to as 114IC electronic network (114ic network, 114ic trading network), is an international electronic component professional ic trading network. Founded in 2002, 114IC Network has been committed to providing real-time buying and selling of electronic parts trading information for domestic and foreign electronic component companies and IC integrated circuit manufacturers. It is the authoritative website for e-commerce information (B2B) in the electronic components industry. CHINA TRADE

Based on the international standard third-party report measured website data traffic, 114IC network has more than 2.5 million daily hits per day, more than 50,000 daily visitors, and more than 65 million electronic components inventory information. Google, Baidu, 360 and other major search engines in the "electronic components trading network" index large, fast recording speed, component models ranked high. Our end customers mainly include the Pearl River Delta (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Foshan, Shantou, Zhuhai, etc.), the Yangtze River Delta (Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang) and other cities (Xi'an, Shandong, etc.), other customers from Hong Kong, Taiwan , South Korea, Japan, North America and Europe. CHINA TRADE

114IC trading network has strong professional and technical strength. We have established good cooperative relations with universities and professional institutes in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Xi'an and other cities. The professional IC trading platform, fast and convenient online operating system, provides users with a powerful, easy-to-operate, fast-reading online trading platform, creating a large-scale, full-variable, instant online online trading market. At the same time, we organized a professional marketing and promotion team, adopted a diversified promotion method, participated in all relevant exhibitions in the electronics industry, and established friendly and cooperative relations with many newspapers and magazines in the electronics industry. CHINA TRADE

114IC website's powerful technology platform and good service quality will definitely bring more business opportunities and benefits to the majority of users! CHINA TRADE




深圳市富奎电子信息技术有限公司旗下网站电子元件交易网(简称114IC电子网(114ic网,114ic交易网),是国际化的电子元器件专业ic交易网。114IC网创立于2002年,一直致力于为国内外电子元器件企业与IC集成电路生产厂商提供实时买、卖的电子零件交易信息,是电子元器件行业中电子商务资讯(B2B)权威性网站。CHINA TRADE

根据国际标准第三方报告测算的网站数据流量,114IC网的日均点击数超过250万,日均浏览人数超过五万,超过6500万条的电子元器件库存信息,在谷歌、百度、360等各大搜索引擎里面“电子元件交易网”索引量大、收录速度快、元器件型号排名靠前。我们的终端客户主要包括珠三角(深圳、广州、东莞、中山、佛山、汕头、珠海等)、长三角(上海、江苏、浙江)以及其他城市(西安、山东等),其它客户来自香港、台湾、韩国、日本、北美及欧洲等。CHINA TRADE

114IC交易网拥有强大的专业技术力量,我们与北京、上海、天津、西安等城市的高等院校及专业研究所建立了良好的合作关系。专业的IC交易平台,快速便捷的网上操作系统,为用户提供了一个功能强大、操作方便、查询快捷的网上交易平台,营造了一个规模大、品种全、即时在线的网上交易市场。我们同时组织专业的营销推广团队,采用多元化推广方式,参加电子行业所有相关的展览会,与众多电子行业的报刊杂志建立了友好合作关系。CHINA TRADE

114IC网站强大的技术平台和良好的服务质量,一定会为广大用户带来更多的商机和收益!CHINA TRADE